Monday, January 21, 2013

Look 67: This Side of the Blue

My Look:
SKIN: Mother Goose's | Dabi 04 - Teeth |
EYES [mesh]: Anara | Anara Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR [mesh]: Catwa | Jessica - Roots/Pearl | 99L on Marketplace! |
STOCKINGS: Nestle My Bosom | Store Closed :( |
(SHORT) Necklace: Dark Mouse | Store Closed :( |
(LONG) Necklace: LaGyo | Alice Necklace - Tex Change |
RING: LaGyo | Macarons Multiring |
BOW: NYU | Bold Ribbon - Baby Blue |
SHOES: DECO | Donna Heel - Gold/White |
DRESS [mesh]: Tres Blah | Sequin Babydoll - Gold | Jan C88 |
POSES: Imeka  | Myleene Set - Pose 3 & 6 |

My Room:
CONSOLE TABLE, TERRARIUM, ARMCHAIR, BOOKS, CANDLES, SCONCE, BIRDCAGE: Cheeky Pea | (part of) Ansel Living Room Set | Jan C88 |
LOVESEAT: .lame | Rudy's Loveseat - Spring 2 |
PAINTING: You Belong in a Boat Out at Sea by Whiskey Monday | @ Atelier Kreslo - Free! |
SKYBOX: L&K Prefabs | Olisipo Skybox |

I admit it: I'm an SL furniture junkie. If you have land, I don't know how you can't be - especially when there are so many fantastic creations being churned out for a very reasonable impact to your wallet and prim-count. A new up and coming favorite is .lame furniture by Divine Falodir; I just love how colorful most of the items are. With that said, this new spring-themed loveseat is in a more muted pallete that suits the mood of this photoshoot. It also goes great with the new goodies from Cheeky Pea for the latest round of Collabor99, as well as the set by Scarlet Apples. Scarlet Apples is a relatively new collaboration between Scarlett Creative and Apple Fall. They made a truly stunning home build for C88, too, but unfortunately I don't think it will fit on my plot. Those of you with lots of land should definitely snatch it up, though.

One thing I do have room for is this skybox for L&K prefabs, which I've been enjoying lately. I really love this entry area/nook, in particular.

My outfit is rather minimal today; I suppose I didn't want to compete with my fabulous room, for once. I went with the delicate and floaty babydoll dress from Tres-Blah and topped it with a giant hair bow. Add some long flowing Barbie hair from Catwa (a great deal on MP) and bingo, I'm a giant doll. I'm also wearing a new skin from Mother Goose that is very pretty, though it is a little muted by the windlight setting I'm using here. I'll probably use it again in a photoshoot with more bright light so that you can get a better look at it.

Do you like my poses? They're by my flickr friend Nati Williams and are available at her store, Imeka. Check them out!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Portrait: All You Ever Wanted Was the World

HAIR/HAT: mons | 
EYES: Anara | 
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | (Group Gift) | 
TOP: Pig | 
BACKGROUND: Rubyblossom

Tried my hand at making a self-portrait this weekend. It was a lot of fun but my hand hurts now, haha. I have more to learn but I'm pretty pleased, to be honest. What do you think?  Keep practicing or give up now? ;) 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Look 66: Crystal Migraine

My Look:
SKIN: JeSyLilo | Group Gift - Cold | (fee to join) |
EYES [mesh]: Anara | Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR [mesh]: LaViere | Natalia - Ombre | @ Jan C88 |
EARS: LaGyo | Catty Headband - Tex Change |
SUNGLASSES: Elate | Olivia Glasses - White |
NECKLACE: LaGyo | Woven Necklace - Sap Green |
BRACELET: Maubray | Moira Spiky Cuff |
SHOES: Fashionably Dead | Fancy Lady Shoes - Brown | @ Jan C88 |
SHIRT (under): Nylon Outfitters | Watercolor Smock - Blue |
SWEATER (outer) [mesh]: BCC | Honey Short Sweater - Caramel |
SKIRT [mesh]: Milk Motion | Leather Skirt - Emerald |
POSES: Label Motion | TDRF set |

My Room:
SKYBOX: L&K Prefabs | Olisipo Skybox | @ Designer Warehouse |
SOFA NOOK: .lame | Skye's Nook - Bright | @ Fameshed |
RUG: Tatty Soup | Lowe Rug - Turquoise |
TABLE/LAME: Floorplan | Foyer Table and Evan Lamp |
CHAIR/OTTOMAN: Percent% | Nash Chair and Ottoman - Red & Blue | coming soon @ four walls hunt! | (Please see correction below!)
PHONE: Percent% | Flat Blue Phone |
PLANT: Nylon Outfitter | Doll Head Vase - Nippy |

Back again so soon? Oh indeed. As usual, it's almost mid-January and I am only just now starting to blog some of the items I've picked up at our favorite monthly and Bi-weekly events - Fameshed, Collabor88, Designer's Warehouse, The Dressing Room Fusion, and more.

First, I hope everyone has marked their calendars because this week is the start of some great-looking hunts: The Four Walls Hunt, and the Cold Winters Night Hunt. The chair and ottoman in my room is the hunt prize from %Percent for the Four Walls Hunt. It comes with a bunch of cute poses and rezzes props, as well, like this bottle of beer I'm sipping. Furniture fanatics also shouldn't miss the new cozy nook by .lame, which is out for this month's round of Fameshed. It comes in two versions, bright or neutral. I have the bright one because I was wearing a bright outfit. Yes, I match my decor to my clothes - doesn't everyone? ;)

The fall I bought a cute black (fake) leather skirt and have been a bit enchanted with leather skirts ever since. If I could find one in this same green color as Milk Motion's skirt, I would snatch it up straight away. I've added in some hair and shoes from the latest Collabor88, a cute wolf sweater from BCC, and fun accessories from LaGyo that were collecting dust back in my inventory. Also, as much as I like mesh, I still enjoy system clothes for layering purposes, but fewer and fewer people seem to be making them. Luckily, there are still stores on the grid like Nylon Outfitters that make cute system tops!

Those of you who aren't in the JeSyLilo skin group ought to consider joining, as well! It's only 50L to join, and Lilo Glom puts out gifts on a pretty regular basis. Definitely worth it, as most pay VIP groups are, in my experience.

NOTE: I made an error when I said that the Nash chair and ottoman by %Percent were part of the Four Walls Hunt; the chair was actually available for the Garden Market Fab4 sale, which is now over. :( However, %Percent's Plato Novo has told me that if anyone wanting to buy the %Nash Chair writes her and says they saw it on my blog, they'll be refunded the difference until 1-20-13.  (The sale price was $40, and the current store price is $175). Definitely a great deal you should take advantage of!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

HOF Blogger Search : jarhly : paper girlie (version 2)

Featured Items by House of Fox:
HAT: Toy Box Hat  |
BELT: (part of) Lola Shorts |
SLEEVES: (part of) Imon Jacket |
TOP: Vintage Sheer Top |
PANTS: Leather Leggings [mesh] |

Everything Else:
HAIR: D!va |
BOOTS: Deco |
KATANA: Marketplace |
EYEPATCH: Marketplace |

This is version 2 of my House of Fox look; it's the same outfit, but I took the picture in-world instead of doing a digital manipulation.  Also, after over 6 mons in SL, I just now realized that my computer is capable of doing MUCH better graphics than I ever knew, including shadow effects.  Well, this is certainly going to change the way I blog from now on!  Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

HOF Blogger Search : jarhly : paper girlie

Featured Items by House of Fox:
HAT: Toy Box Hat  |
BELT: (part of) Lola Shorts |
SLEEVES: (part of) Imon Jacket |
TOP: Vintage Sheer Top |
PANTS: Leather Leggings [mesh] |

Everything Else:
HAIR: D!va |
BOOTS: Deco |
KATANA: Marketplace |
EYEPATCH: Marketplace |

Trying my hand at something different this time: digital art! I spent hours on this and am still on the fence about it. I think I've stared at it for so long that I don't even know what to think about it anymore, heh. Still, it was a fun change of pace and I might try to do it more often. The HOF Blogger contest is stiff with competition and I've seen some great entries so far. Everyone likes HOF, don't they? Such great, basic pieces, yet they manage to have a high-fashion quality to them. <3

Friday, January 11, 2013

Look 65: Two of Hearts

My Look:
SKIN: Mariko | Nana Pack 06 |
EYES [mesh]: Anara | Anara Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR [mesh]: DeLa | Popo II Blondes |
BOW: LaViere | Candy Bow Red |
HEADBAND: Sweet Leonard | Dove Headband Black
NECKLACE: Flightless | Deer Bead Necklace - War |
BELT: Milk Motion | Peplum Belt - Leather Stripes |
LEGGINGS: Juicy Box | Las 2 Fridas |
SHOES [mesh]: Fashionably Dead | Bowie Heels | Polkadots 2 |
SKIRT [mesh]: BCC | Moon River Skirt - Black |
SHIRT: u.f.o. | Gumong Shirt - Black |
POSES: Lable Motion | Lynette |

My Room:
HOUSE: Vespertine | Nougat Apt. |
RUG: Tatty Soup | Low Rug Yellow |
CHAIR: Tatty Soup | Holmes Chair Yellow |
CURTAINS: Tatty Soup| Cooke Curtain Patterned Blue |
RADIO (floor): Tatty Soup | Retro Radio Wavy Green |
RADIO (chair): Tee*fy | Cassette Radio British |
DOLL: NuDoLu Voyage | Matriochka en Automne Fillette |
ART PRINTS: Ionic | Boys Don't Cry |
TV: Ionic | Retro TV - Indie |
CUBBY SHELVES: Floorplan | Chevron Cubby Gatcha |
RECORDS: %Percent | Yellow Record Storage |
RECORD SHELF: Ponitee | Record Shelf Vertical |
FLOWER: MMG's | Flowerpot #2 |

It's colder outside than it has been all winter, but I'm starting to crave warm, sunny days already. And so I created myself a room filled with cozy, yellowy light that can tide me over until the weather clears.

I've filled my room with some new(ish) releases by Tatty Soup and Ionic. Tab's Tatty Soup creations are always great for adding interesting retro patterns and textures - be sure to check out the brand new main store!  I'm kind of in love with Ionic's whimsical, indie-ish decor and furniture. Be sure to check in on them often, as they put out new releases fairly regularly.

And as for my look, can I just say "Frida Khalo Tights?" Weird and wonderful and yes, I would totally wear them in real life.  I've recently fallen in love with Mariko's soft, dreamy skins, too; I bought this one on sale - it might still be going on, so check it out!