Saturday, November 18, 2017

Look 187


SKIN: {S0NG} | Ani Skin - lolita doll 02 - rare |
EYES: {S0NG} | Ani Eyes - brown |
HAIR:  ^.^Ayashi^.^ | lolita bride hair - RARE - fatpack | @TheGachaGarden |
KIMONO: + Aii ~ the ugly and the beautiful + / {egosumaii} | fumetsu no kimono - RARE | @FantasyGachaCarnival |
BOW: + Aii ~ the ugly and the beautiful + / {egosumaii} | lace bow (size 2) | @FantasyGachaCarnival |
SAKKAT: + Aii ~ the ugly and the beautiful + / {egosumaii} | gold lantern sakkat | @FantasyGachaCarnival |
BACKDROP: //Naberius// aka [CerberusXing] and [contraptioN] | midnight alley  | @6Republic |

This backdrop by Naberius is so incredible! The materials look so perfect (notice the reflection on the tiles!) that I can't stop staring at it. And it feels like this outfit by egosumaii and aii was practically made to be displayed in this dark midnight alley. I really had fun taking this picture!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Look 186


SKIN: {S0NG} | nana skin - warm | @kustom9 |
EYES: {S0NG} | ani eyes - brown |
HAIR: taketomi | sooMi - bento pack | @FaMESHED |
LASHES: NamiiChu~ | bomii lashes |
BODY BLUSH:  ::MOMOCHUU::  | @kustom9 |
HEADBAND: .quirky. | ally headband - mischief rare |
TOP: Nana | shalou top chain - gold | @SuicideDollz |
BOTTOM: [cubic cherry] | {lulu} bottom gold |
JACKET: :villena: | pelted jacket - blush | @kustom9 |

Sometimes it's fun to go a little bare, and this fun chain/skelly top from Nana is both whimsical and kinda slutty. It comes in oodles of colors at the latest round of suicidedollz, and also fits a huge range of fitmesh bodies (I'm wearing Maitreya). I'm also in love with everything by S0NG and taketomi these days. S0NG's new skin release at K9 is super kawaii and to die for!^^

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Look 185


SKIN: {S0NG} | Ani Skin - ultrarare | @pocketgacha |
EYES: {S0NG} | Ani Eyes | @pocketgacha |
HAIR + BOW: ^.^Ayashi^.^ | blood alice hair + bow - fatpack |
COLLAR: *BOOM* | ebba collar - sugar | @ROMP |
BRA + PANTSU: Kokoro{<3}Peaches | snow white lingerie - fatpack | new! @enchantment |
DECOR: AsteroidBox. | fairest of them all - fatpack | new! @enchantment |
POSE: [la baguette] | moaka - 9 |

The theme for the latest round of Enchantment is Snow White, and this apple-themed lingerie by Kokoro<3Peaches goes perfectly with this clever fairy-tale themed makeup and vanity set by AsteroidBox. If you're not in the mood for apples, never fear -- the fatpack of the lingerie also features solid colors and striped patterns so you can change things up!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Look 184

SKIN: Enfer Sombre* | Porcelain - Izumi (1) | 
HAIR: Monso | jisun - black and whites | @FaMeshed |
EYES: {S0NG} | dollfie eyes - fatpack catwa appliers |
EYELASHES: NamiiChu~ | bombii - fatpack | 
OUTFIT: Nana  | elia hoodie - cute (mait) | @SuicideDollz |
DRESSER: {moss&mink} | chest of drawers - hud | 
RUG: {moss&mink} | sweet retreat gacha - rug pink | 
RECORD PLAYER: dust bunny | briefcase record player | 
KITTY MUG: cute lil family gacha | @gacha garden | 
BUNNY MUG: Yokai | cute lil family gacha | @gacha garden
UNICORN: Yokai | roberto - pastel - cute lil family gacha | @gacha garden | 
PIGGIE: Yokai | rosa - rare - cute lil family gacha | @gacha garden | 

After my vacation hiatus (oct 24-31) I was super sick with a bad cold, so it's been a while since my last blog post! I'm quite happy to be at it again, though, and had a lot of fun taking this picture. In addition to featuring some cute furniture/decor by Dust Bunny and Moss&Mink, I've surrounded myself with Yokai's cute lil family gacha, which I can't wait to decorate my very pastel house with. My cozy hoodie is by Nana at the latest SuicideDollz, and comes in a variety of styles and colors, with fits for almost every female mesh body you can think of! Lastly, I love Monso's cute new bun-bun hairstyle at fameshed <3

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Look 183

SKIN: Enfer Sombre* | Porcelain - Izumi (1) | @The Secret Hideout |
HAIR: [DUE] | Syrianna - Hud A | @The Seasons Story |

EYES: {S0NG} | dollfie eyes - fatpack catwa appliers |
EYELASHES: NamiiChu~ | bombii - fatpack | @The Secret Hideout |
CHOKER: ::supernatural: | bellicent choker | @The Secret Hideout |
NAILS: :Moon Amore: | spooky nail art - lilac | @The Secret Hideout |
DRESS: ALTAIR* | little devil dress - pink | panic of pumpkin in Okinawa |
PUMPKIN + LOLLIPOP + BENTO POSE: Kokoro{<3}Peaches x NamiiChu~ | black pumpkin bucket | @KawaiiProject |
BACKDROP: Astralia | horrorfest - rest in peace | @Epiphany |
ALL OTHER DECOR: +half-deer+  

I'm about to leave the country, so this is probably my final Halloween themed post for the year! And now's a good time to say 'trick or treat' with this set of poses and props made by Namiichuu and KokoroPeaches, now available at the newest round of Kawaii Project. I've also put together some of my favorite finds at The Secret Hideout, including Altair's devil dress, which is a great match for Supernatural's winged bellicent choker. I'm ready to stuff myself with candy and pass out till Christmas.^^

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Look 182

SKIN: {SP!} | Calpaca! Pale Rare |
EYES: NamiiChu~ | peachy eyes - rare 1 | @The Secret Hideout |
HAIR: ^.^Ayashi^.^  | Keya hair - fatpack | @ panic of pumpkin in Okinawa |
BRUISES: Mello. | creepy cute gacha - heart bruises | @gacha guardians |
LASHES: [okkbye]  | lithe lashes - hud  |
WHISKERS: Tamagosenbei | curled whisker black - rare |
EARS + TAIL + FLAMES: {aii} | nekomata ears + tail (bento) & head flame + tail flame (purple) | @The Secret Hideout |
JACKET: flite | crave jacket- white  | @uber |

One thing I can never find enough of in SL is unisex clothing, which is why I'm happy that Ayashi makes a lot of hairstyles that work for both men and women, including this new Keya hair available at the Panic of Pumpkin event. Also unisex is this jacket by flite, which isn't made for V-Tech's flatchest mod, but seems to flatten out nicely nonetheless. And people of all (or not) genders love cute bento ears and tails, right? Aii's new nekomata set, available at The Secret Hideout, offers three sizes of ears (I'm wearing the largest), optional flame effects, and a multi-color hud. The animations are, as usual, fluid and dynamic. Definitely a set that you can pair with almost any look!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Look 181

My Look

SKIN: Enfer Sombre* | Porcelain - Izumi (6) | @The Secret Hideout |
EYES:EYES: Enfer Sombre*  | albino/demon |  @The Secret Hideout |
HAIR + BOW: ^.^Ayashi^.^  | Emira hair and bow - fatpack | @ panic of pumpkin in Okinawa |
EYELASHES: NamiiChu~ | bombii - fatpack | @The Secret Hideout |
GLOVES:  *tentacio* & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. | eternal night - gloves pink | @Epiphany |
OUTFIT: + glutz + | miss sacrilegious - hud (maitreya) | @the seasonal fair |
JACK PUMPKIN: Yokai | pumpkinween - pumpkin jack (white) | @limit8 |
UNICORN PUMPKIN: Yokai | pumpkinween - pumpkin unicorn - limited! (only 100 available) | @limit8 |
POSE: [la baguette] | maiY set (bento) |

There's nothing like spooky + kawaii together to make me happy, which is why I love these unicorn punkins by Yokai -- there's only 100 available at Limit 8, so make sure you get yours before they run out! Glutz's leather and mesh outfit (color change via hud!) may not look kawaii at first glance, but pair it with Ayashi's lolita-style hair from Panic of Pumpkin and you have the perfect pastel-style lolli goth look.^^ As usual, Glutz's outfit comes rigged for several different bodies: hourglass, several varieties of kemono, and maitreya. Yay for versatility!