Monday, December 31, 2012

Look 64: Art School Confidential

My Look:
SKIN: BCC | [latte] Lui 2 | @ Arcade |
HAIR: Magika | Stubborn - 03 Color Pack |
EYES: IKON | Horizon Eyes Light Grenada |
BELT: LaGyo | Cross Belt Gold |
EARRINGS: LaGyo | Lila Earrings - Midnight | @ Arcade |
RING: LaGyo | Lila Ring |
NECKLACE: [glow] studio | Scarf-Style Neclace - Azure |
NAILS: Izzie's | 80s Nails |
PURSE: The Secret Store | Tiny Satchel - Mint | @ Arcade |
TIGHTS: Juicy Box | Geometric Tights 3 |
SHOES: Monso | My Combat Ankle Boots - Silver | Dec C88 |
SKIRT: Milk Motion | Lace Mini Skirt |
SHIRT: Nylon Outfitters | Open Back Lace Tee - Black |
BLAZER: COCO Designs | Tuxedo Jacket White |
POSES: Marukin | Dec C88 |

My Room:
DRAWERS: Percent% | Bound Cabinet | @ Together for Sway |
PHONE: Percent% | Telephone flat - blue | @ Together for Sway |
FRAMES, GUITAR, CYMBAL: Ionic | "Stuffs" |
DEER HEADS: Commonor | Origami Deer Head | @ Arcade |
FRAMES: Yummy | Rococo Frames | @ Arcade |
ANIMAL PICTURES: Floorplan | Species Shilouette | @ Arcade |
EASEL, STOOL: Lisp | Painter Stool Set | Dec C88 |
CANVASES: Lisp | Macabre Frames |
SKYBOX: Cheekypea | Easy Being Green Skybox | VIP Gift (fee to join) |

For my last post of 2012, I'm finishing up with some goodies that you can still hurry out and get: specifically, some wonderful creations at the Together for Sway Event, the Arcade Event, and Decembers Collabor88. I've arranged a colorful art studio full of furniture and decorative goodies from Percent%, Commoner, Yummy, Lisp, Floorplan, and Ionic. I love the poses that come with this easel set from Lisp. Please note that I placed the origami deer heads inside the yummy rococo frames - they don't normally look like that!

I love this outfit and would totally kick around in something similar in real life. In particular, I love this blazer from COCO designs, who have had some great mesh releases lately. The boots from Monso are perfect, as well. It seems like I have to buy every pair of Monso shoes that comes out! Guys, you should know that these boots come in mens sizes, too.

In 2013, I would like to blog for more designers, both those who make furniture and those who make clothing, skins, accessories, etc. If you like my style and think I could represent your brand well, please drop me an IM or notecard in world. I'm listed as jarhly (resident).  Cheers!

Have a great new year, everyone. See you in 2013!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cold Weather Retreat

This weekend I finally buckled down and finished decorating my wintery, Christmasy home - inside and out. I actually used two builds from Vespertine: Metamorphosis House and the Nougat Apartment, slightly modified so that they fit together. How about we take a grand tour, eh?
BUILD: Vespertine | Metamorphosis House & Nougat Apartment |


DESK AND OTTOMAN: Bag Lady Designs | Closed? |
CURTAINS: Tatty Soup |
LAMP: Art Dummy |
BOOKLADDER: Floorplan |

Kitchen 1:
STOOL: Art Dummy |

Kitchen 2:
TABLE & BENCHES: Cheeky Pea and Pilot |
CAKES: Tres Blah |
CHAIR: Nordari | Closed :( |
STOVE: What Next |
COAT RACK: Pilot |

Kitchen 3:
TABLE: Cheeky Pea and Pilot |
CAKES: Tres Blah |
KETTLE: Marmalade Jam | Closed :(  |
STOOLS: Art Dummy |

Bathroom 1:

Bathroom 2
TUB: Boathouse |
NET CURTAIN: Cheeky Pea & Pilot |
RUG, CHAIR, and CURTAINS: Tatty Soup |

Bathroom 3:
SINK: Post |
LIGHT: Y's House |

Living Room 1:
GIFT BOX: Floorplan |
DRINKS TRAY: What Next |
FRAMED PHOTO: North West | Closed :( |
SKULL: Theosophy | Closed :( |

Living Room 2:
ANTLER TREE & SOFA : Cheeky Pea |
GIFTS: Floorplan |

Living Room 3:
SOFA: Cheeky Pea |
BIRD CAGE: Cheeky Pea & Pilot |
BOOKSHELF: ililo |

Bedroom 1:
LAMP: Organica |
BED: North West | Closed :( |

Bedroom 2:
VANITY & LANTERN: Boathouse |
PHONE: %Percent |
DRAWERS: What Next |
CURTAIN: Nordari | Closed :( |
BED: North West | Closed :( |

Bedroom 3:
VANITY, STOOL & DECOR: Boathouse |
PHONE: %Percent |
CLOCK: Sway's |
PHOTO COLLAGE: Nudolo Voyage |

Friday, December 14, 2012

Look 63: Queen of the North

My Look:
SKIN: BCC | [Latte] Lui 19  | @Arcade |
EYES: IKON | Sunrise Eyes - Light Arabian Blue | Past GG |
HAIR [mesh]: Clawtooth | Take On Me - Coco | Dec C88 |
TIARA: Noodles | Whole New World Tiara - Gold/Jade | @Arcade  |
FUR COLLAR + PEARLS: COCO Designs | Fur Tippet & Pearls - Gold |
FUR COAT [mesh]: Fashionably Dead | Hobo Fur - Green | Past C88 |
LINGERIE: The Sea Hole | Catalina Bra and Panty - Mojito | Dec C88 |
SOCKS (outer): Maitreya | Moxie Over-Knee Socks - Purple-taupe |
SOCKS (inner): Doppleganger | Knocked-up Knee Socks  | Store Closed :( |
BOOTS: ISON | Kippen Wedge Boot - Dusty Rose | Past C88 |
POSES: Adorkable | "Honey Dork" Pack |

My (Outdoor) Room: 
Chestnut Winter Camp: Cheeky Pea | Dec C88 |

What kind of weirdo walks through a blizzard in her underwear?  Someone who fancies herself above it all, of course.  Someone with a bit of a princess complex, who thinks: yes, naturally I should wear this fur and pearls and tiara and my undies and go for a stroll.  Why not!  I dunno, it's not particularly practical but I love the look of it for some reason.  And besides, who could get cold with this campground set from Cheeky Pea to settle down in?  I love the glow and sound of the fire, and the sit logs come chock-full of poses and props. What a great item!  Head out to the latest round of Collabor88 to snag it!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Look 62: Have Yourself a Merry


My Look
SKIN: BCC | [Latte] Lui 15 | @Arcade |
EYES [mesh]: Anara | Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR [mesh]: Magika | Visit 03 Color Pack |
NECKLACE: Cae | Flourish Necklace | With Love Hunt |
RING: Flowey | Light as a Feather Ring |
SCARF: Pesca | Belted Stole | @Arcade |
GLASSES: [glow] studios | Birdy Glasses - Gold1  | @Arcade |
ANTLERS: +Half Deer+ | Fawn Antlers - Vintage Floral |
PURSE: The Secret Store | Tiny Satchel - Mustard Polka | @Arcade |
TIGHTS: Juicy Box | The Kiss Tights |
BOOTS: G-Field | Lace Up Boots "Gina" - Black |
DRESS: Ingenue | Chaud Dress - Blush  | @Dec C88 |
POSES: Label Motion |  | @The Dressing Room Fusion |

My Room
FIREPLACE: Cheeky Pea | Hello Deer Fireplace  | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) |
XMAS TREE: Cheeky Pea | Tynebark Antler Tree | @Men's Dept |
VASES (on mantle): Cheeky Pea | From "Sweetwater Room" (modified) | Past C88 |
HATS: {u.f.o.} and 9+ |
GIFT BOXES: floorplan. |
RUG: Tatty Soup | Lowe Rug - Plum |
ROCKING CHAIR: Tatty Soup | Lizzie Rocking Chair - Mixed Stripe |
CURTAINS: Tatty Soup | Cole Curtains - Lush Velvet Aubergine |
MIRROR: Zigana | Weathered Mirror - Texture Change |
BOOKCASE: Lisp | Macabre Bookcase - Texture Change |
HOUSE: Vespertine | Nougat Apt. |


Up until very recently, the weather was so nice that it was difficult for me to get into the Christmas Spirit. Fortunately, I seem to have been set right by a recent cold snap, paired with my bright idea to listen to an all-Christmas radio station in the car. Now that I'm finally inspired, I've but together a cozy little Christmas room with some items from Cheeky Pea and Tatty Soup. I also went wild with these Christmas gift boxes from floorplan - so well-made and cute! They also work well as an accessory, with a little fiddling and re-positioning. ;)

I'm wearing a warm knit dress made by Ingenue for the "Frostbite" themed Collabor88, and I love the dainty shape of it. I've also thrown in quite a few little goodies I've snatched up at the Arcade Event (including the gorgeous skin by BCC, which I've gone nuts trying to collect all of!), which I will continue to feature in future posts since I've blown lots and lots of money there so far.  And finally, I seem to be addicted to hairs by Magika lately, specifically the fades color pack - they're just perfect for someone as indecisive as me!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Look 61: Doll Garden

My Look:
SKIN: Fashionably Dead | Doll Skin Pale |
DOLL HEAD [mesh]: Fashionably Dead | Teeth 1 | @ Arcade! |
HAIR [mesh]: Magika | Candy Corn - Faint | Past Group Gift |
NECKLACE: Magic Nook | Vintage Watch Necklace - Kitty |
PURSE: Toki Doki | Teapot Bag - Orange |
BOW: Auxilary | Slouchy Leather Bow - Blue | @ Arcade! |
STOCKINGS: Schadenfruede | Thistle Luisa Knee Socks | past C88 |
SHOES [mesh]: G-Field | Kate Shoes - Plum |
DRESS [mesh]: C'est La Vie | Coco Dress - Butterfly Azuki |
POSE 1: Bang! | Masqurade Set | past C88 |

My Room:
RADIATOR/SHELF (w/ some deco): Tatty Soup | Oddment Shelf |
GUMBALL MACHINE: Floorplan | Goldfish - Rare | @ Arcade! |
CANDLE: Mudhoney |  Bean Candle |
FLOOR CUSHION: Lisp | Pansy Puff - Peach |
DRINKS TRAY | What Next | Chocolatier Drinks |
ROCKING CHAIR: Tatty Soup | Rocker Robin Chair |
OWL CUSHION: ITutu | Owl Cushion - Green |
CURTAINS: Tatty Soup | Cole Curtains - Leaves Forest |
DOLL HEADS: Fashionably Dead | (from left to right) "Teeth 2," "Dreamy Sad," "Freckles Smile," "Eyes Closed No Makeup," and "Neutral Shiny" | @ Arcade! |
HOUSE: Vespertine | Metamorphosis House |

I've been rather lax about blogging lately, I'm afraid! Various trips out of town and RL stuff has kept me occupied and with little time to snap pics in SL.  However, leave it to the Gatcha Arcade event to bolster my inspiration while emptying my funds! I'll admit it: I went nuts for these mesh dollheads. I think they're delicate, whimsical, and slightly creepy - right up my alley, in other words! Yes, I liked them so much that I decided to use them for decoration. What do you think?

I've also got some nice furnishings here from Tatty Soup. I love Tab's creations for being just on this side of quirky, in addition to being well-made and reasonably priced! She's looking for a new rental plot to set up her shop, too, so if you have anything available, get in touch with Tab Tatham and let her know.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Look 60: Corona

My Look:
SKIN: Glam Affair | Ginny - Brr & Etci 04 | Nov C88 |
EYES [mesh]: Anara | Anara Custom Eyes |
HAIR [mesh]: Wasabi Pills | Nikki Mesh Hair - Chocolate Pudding |
NECKLACE: LaGyo | Mescal Necklace - Gold | Nov C88 |
HAIR JEWELRY: Zaara | Nizam Head Jewel - Colored |
RING: House of Fox | Ymre Boots - Beige |
TIGHTS: Izzie's | Gradient Tights - Beige |
SHOES [mesh]: House of Fox | Triangle Ring - Gold |
BODYSUIT: The Sea Hole | Painted Desert Body Suit - Clay | Nov C88 |
DRESS [mesh]: Ison | (part of) Seiko Sheer - Maroon | Nov C88 |
POSES: Label Motion |

My Room:
BENCH (W/CACTUS) and DREAMCATCHER: Cheeky Pea | Nov C88 |
HANGING CHAIR and CACTUS (on top of cabinet): Pilot | Nov C88 |
VASE: Nordari |
MOOSE HEAD: Flightless |
TRUNK: Croire |
TABLE: Zigana |
LANTERNS: Zigana |
CABINET: Tatty Soup | Penny Lane Cabinet |
RADIO: Tatty Soup | Retro Radio |
BOOK: Floor Plan |
CANDLE (tall): Post |
CANDLE (small): Mudhoney |
HOUSE: Vespertine | Metamorphosis House |

Notes: Happy belated Thanksgiving to my fellow American friends. I've been out of town most of the week, which is why this post is quite delayed (I took the pics over a week ago, but busy real life stuff kept me from getting the post up until now!).  Much of what I've put together here is from the latest round of Collabor88. I loved the layered dress offered by Ison but wanted to change it up a bit, so I ended up pairing the sheer over-dress part with the painted desert body suit by The Sea Hole. Beyond that, all it really needed was some interesting jewelry and super-stylin' boots from House of Fox. I think my favorite thing for this round of Collabor88 was the furniture, though - so much high quality stuff, and all so endlessly mix-and-matchable!

That's it for now - sorry for the somewhat short post, but hopefully there will be more to come soon. Looks like I missed some great new releases on my week off!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Look 59: Au Contraire

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Angel A Tone - Light Brows |
EYES: Anara | Anara Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR: Elikatira | Interrupt - Blond 3 |
RING: LaGyo | Mother's Pearl Ring
NECKLACE: Izzie's | 50's Pearl Necklace - Yellow |
BRACELETS: Noodles | Plastic Heart Bangle Red |
SUNGLASSES: Steinwerk | Heart II Glasses | Free! |
HAT: C'est La Vie! | Apple Beret | Group Gift |
SOCKS: Kyoot | Lacey White Knee Socks |
BAG: C'est La Vie! | Canvas Bag Strawberry |
SHOES: G-Field | Strap Shoes Alex - Patent Yellow |
TOP: The Secret Store | Sweet Sheer - Mint | @FaMESHed |
SKIRT: Tee*fy | Basic High Waist Short Denim Skirt - Cherry | @FaMESHed |

My Room:
SOFA: Cheeky Pea | Mainstream Couch - New Wave | @FaMESHed |
DRESSER: Floor Plan | Chest of Drawers - Yellow |
DECO PLATES: North West | Store Closed :( |
FRUIT BOWL: Lisp | Montmarte Bowl of Fruit |
TEA SET: Y's House | Kyuse - Hart |
LAMP: Tatty Soup | Candy Lamp Yellow |
PICTURE FRAME: Tatty Soup | Random Frame Flamingo |
CANDLE: NuDoLu Voyage | Bougie en Hiver |
RUSSIAN DOLL: NuDoLu Voyage | Trois soeurs de Matrioch |
CURTAIN: Nordari | Birch Curtain |
PHONE: %Percent | Round Telephone - Light Green |
MANNEQUIN: Art Dummy | Once |
HOUSE: Vespertine | Nougat Apartment |

I home sick with yet another cold - the second one in 2 months.  Unfair!  So it will be, yes, a very lazy Sunday for me. It does mean I've got this blog post ready to go sooner than I anticipated, so let's have it, shall we?

Basically, this is my November FaMESHed post. Lots of great stuff this round; the event seems to have more and more contributors every time, doesn't it? My favorites are definitely this skirt by Tee*fy paired with the sweet sheer top by The Secret Store. I'm definitely not the first blogger to put these two items together, so I tried to make my look more unique with some heart-shaped glasses and a fun fruit hat from C'est La Vie, as well as some other cute accessories. The loose, twisty-braid hairstyle from Elikatira is very pretty, and it was also 75L, last I saw (that may not be the case any longer, though!).

For my room, I plopped down this great couch by Cheeky Pea (also at FaMESHed). It's beautiful, but not really a "whimsical" piece - but since my outfit is pretty whimsical, I was determined to make it work within that context. After a LOT of inventory rummaging, I put out the ombre dress by Floorplan and kitschy lamp by Tatty Soup, then I topped it off with some curtains and cute n' girly props.  Finally, I had myself an outfit and room that match.

And with that, I go back to drinking tea and sniffling.  Happy lazy Sunday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Look 58: I'll Stray



My Look:
SKIN: KOOQLA | Cherie 01 |
EYES [mesh]: Anara | Anara Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR [mesh]: *Ivanka Akina* | Betty Hair - Chestnut |
TATTOO: La Malvada Mujer | Il Barocco |
EARRINGS: [glow] studios | Old Clara Gold Earrings |
BRACELET LEFT: The Sea Hole | Parisian Bangles - Pearl |
BRACELET RIGHT: [DDL] | The NN - Black and Gold |
BELT [mesh]: Milk Motion | Eagle Belt - Grey |
BOOTS [mesh]: Milk Motion | Vivianne Boots - Grey |
SHIRT: Nylon Outfitters | Muscle Tee - Frida - Grey/Blue |
VEST [mesh]: Tee*fy | Basic Simple Vest Gray |
JEANS [mesh]: The Secret Store | Rise Skinny Jeans - Blue Denim |
CIGARETTE: Nikotin | Cigarette Classic |
POSES: -no wow- | "Northbound" and "C'est La Vie" sets |

My Room:
ARMCHAIR: Tatty Soup | Moreton Chair - Electric |
DESK CHAIR: Zinnia's | Cheery Chair in Azul |
DESK: Nordari | Weathered Afternoon | @ FAIR event |
WALL CABINET: Zigana | Apothocary Cabinet |
RUGL Zigana | Rug Sand |
CACTI: Tatty Soup | Mick and Ronnie Cactus |
CANVAS: Lisp | Macabre Frames |
BIRD DECOR: Lisp | Sparrow Perky |
FAN: Lisp | Fan - Texture Change |
POTTED PLANT: {ililo} | Seedling |
SKULLS: Zinnia's | Nevada Cow Skull - Texture Change |
HOUSE: Nordari | MilkCoffee & Sugar Hearts |

Happy almost-weekend! With this post I bring good news: my blog will now be a part of the SL Style Academy feed, found at! I'm very excited to be featured amongst all the other fantastic bloggers. :)

I put this look together a few days before the November cycle of Collabor88 started. Little did I know that the recent theme would be vaguely western-tinged, or I might have waited to take these pictures. Still, I like the way my room is decorated and I think my avatar fits right in. The outfit is kind of a cross between cowgirl, motorcycle-chick, and Rosie the Riveter, right? I just had to add in the bad girl cigarette to complete the whole image.

These mesh high-rise jeans from the Secret Store have been everywhere, and with good reason: like the rest of Maylee Oh's products, they're impeccably made on top of being adorable.  In fact, they're so cute that I got them in a couple of colors, which is a little unusual for me because I don't usually buy a lot of jeans in SL (or in RL, for that matter - funny, that!).  Tee*fy has also been making some amazing stuff lately, including this little mesh vest that you can pair with all sorts of looks. The boots and belt are by Milk Motion, for Marie's "Urban Cowboy" (my description, not hers!) flavored Fall collection.

For my Urban Cowboy room, I put together some items from Zinnia's, Zigana, and Tatty Soup. I've wanted this cow skull decor from Zinnia's for ages, but could never think of how to use it. The textures on it are fantastic, and you can also choose from a few different colors/patterns, or with/without the feather attachment. I've show this arm-chair by Tatty Soup before, but not in this fantastic bright color, called "electric." It comes packed with some really cute poses, as you can see.  The other item I really love here is the desk piece by Nordari, which I  purchased at the FAIR event. I actually saw one blogger use it as a head-board for her bed, which just goes to show you don't necessarily need to use it as a desk.

With that said, I've REALLY gotten a lot of use out of this house from Nordari; it's just so versatile! However, I'm starting to feel like I ought to put up a new one for my winter home. Any suggestions?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Look 57: Pearl's Dream

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Angel - Bust/ATone/Dark Brows |
EYES [mesh]: Anara | Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR: booN | WMO003 Hair- Blond |
LIPS: The Sugar Garden | Matte Pout Caprice |
NEST: Slow Kitchen | Bird Nest Hat |
NECKLACE: [glow] studio | The Nest Necklace - Silver |
RING: Undefined Lilies | Yard Sale Stroll Ring - Floral |
STOCKINGS: Le Poppycock | Blossom Stockings - Cherry |
SHOES: Ingenue | Cindy - Cherry | Oct C88 |
INNER SHIRT: Nylon Outfitters | Sheer Floral Henley - White |
OUTER TOP [mesh]: The Sea Hole | Davenport Blouse - Slurpee | Oct C88 |
SKIRT [mesh]: Ison | Draped Midi Skirt- Ombre Beige |
POSES: Lumiere | "Serenity" Set |
My Room:
BED: Art Dummy | Vain Bed |
BIRDCAGES: Cheeky Pea and Pilot | "Garden Party" Set | Oct C88 |
ART: Pilot | Magon Art Collection |
BIRDCAGE W/CAT: This n' That | Old Hunt Gift |
APPLES: Uncertain Smile | Apple Basket |
PEARS: Teawood |
SKYBOX: Vespertine | Hidden Place - Head in Clouds |

The next few days will be the last chance to get the October Collabor88 items; I'm showing off a few last things here before we switch over to the November round. I've already shown these birdcages from the Cheeky Pea and Pilot Garden Party set, but they're just so versatile! I know I'll get endless use out of them. Another recent purchase is this bed from Art Dummy, from the "vanity" themed SUYS round. It looks a little like a bird cage, so I thought it worked well in this room, and the bed is so cozy that you just know you'd sleep so deeply that you'd wake up with a big old bed-head nest of hair.  I love this hair from boon; I've blogged it before, but it's always reminded me of a nest, so why not wear an actual nest with it? The art from Pilot is new for FLF, and I just love it - such an ecclectic little collection!  As for the actual outfit - I'm enjoying it so much that I just might have to keep it on for a while. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Look 56: Harvest Gold


My Look:
SKIN: tres blah | C88 Anna Skin - Dark Brows | Past C88 |
EYES: IKON | Sunrise Eyes - Light Arabian Blue |
HAIR [mesh]: Burley | Julia Blonde 2 |
LIPS: the sugar garden | Stella Lips Ruby |
SCARF [mesh]: ::K:: | Stylish Stole Plain - Lavender |
HAT [mesh]: C'est la Vie | Casquette Check Tex Change | @ L'accessories
TIGHTS: So Many Styles | Braid Knit Tights Suede |
BOOTS [mesh]: COCO | Suede Boots Fur | Group Gift |
OUTFIT [mesh]: {u.f.o}. | Lullaby Cardigan Blue | @ SGB Fall Festa |
APPLES: Slow Kitchen | Fruits |
POSE (pic 1): Marukin | "Flambe" Set | Oct C88 |

My Room:
LOCKER + TABLE + PROPS: Y's House | ID Locker Set Desk |
STOOL: Art Dummy | Vintage Stool - Medium Wood |
CHAIR: Nordari | Wooden Poetry - Chair F |
BASKET OF APPLES:Slow Kitchen | Wicker Basket Apples |
CANDLES: Mudhoney | Autumn Candles |
JACK O LANTERNS: What Next | Lots O Jack O Lanterns |
AUTUMN PRINT: What Next | Pumpkin Spice Latte Chalkboard |
STOVE: What Next | Charlotte Woodburning Stove |
DRAWERS: Zigana | Aged Drawers | @ SGB Fall Festa |
KETTLE: Cleo Designs |
HOUSE: Nordari | MilkCoffee and Sugar Hearts |

I haven't really done a proper halloween post of any sort, so I felt the need to put together a scene that was at least vaguely in the holiday spirit.  So we have pumpkins!  And apples!  Honeycrisp apples are sooo amazing right now, dontcha know.  So yes, this look was put together in order to deal with the bracing weather changes: scarf, hat, baggy sweater, wood-burning stove, and fallish candles. I love this new hat from C'est La Vie because it fits well over lots of different hair styles, in addition to being texture change!  The braided wool tights from So Many Styles are pretty much exactly what I need to track down in real life - I often feel this way about clothes in SL, honestly: "oh, if only I could have that in my REAL closet!" Alas, I often have to be content with the pixel version.  Oh, one final note about this Tres Blah skin: I bought it at a collabor round last spring, and have dug it out to wear for the first time in months. I really love the eyebrows on it - they're such a cute shape.  There's a lot of new skins out that I've been wanting to buy, but I'm trying to watch my lindens now that I'm also buying quite a bit of furniture and decor. For now, I'm pleased with recycling a skin that I hadn't worn in ages but happen to really like.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Look 55: All Night Affair

My Look:
SKIN: Kooqla | Ojen - Sunner 03 |
EYES [mesh]: Anara | Anara Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR [mesh]: Wasabi Pills | Veronica Hair - Vanilla Pudding |
HEADBAND: ::RA:: | Jewel Theif Headpiece - Turquoise |
NECKLACE: LaGyo | Plumes Necklace - Texture Change | Oct C88 |
RING: LaGyo | Bizarre Flower Ring - Texture Change | Past C88 |
EARRINGS: LaGyo | Plumes Earrings - Texture Change | Oct C88 |
STOCKINGS: Mijn Boutique | Flash Ombre Tights
SHOES: The Secret Store | Loveable Pumps - Prussian Blue |
CORSET: The Secret Store | Fresh Blueberry |
SKIRT [mesh]: The Secret Store | Mini - Creamy Sunset |
CIGARETTE + POSE: Flowey | "Bad Habit" |

My Room:
MIRROR: Zigana | Weatherd Mirror |
CHAIR: Lisp | Tangerine Dream Chair |
PILLOWS: Lisp | Gatcha Floor Cushion - Lemon Flower, Blue Flower |
BENCH and CANOPY: Cheeky Pea and Pilot | "Garden Party" Set | Oct C88 |
DRESSER: Cheeky Pea | Bridge's Dresser | @ Cinema Event |
RUG: Tatty Soup | Kokomo Rug |
CURTAINS: Nordari | Shell Curtains |
HOUSE: Nordari | MilkCoffee & Sugar Hearts |

This look was basically inspired by one thing: My desire to drink a glass of wine at the end of the day, when the sun was going down.  Thus: a skirt with a sunset on it.  Isn't it perfect? Also: a dresser with a glass on wine on it.  It comes with a rezzable glass of wine to drink and hold, but I couldn't get a good shot of myself looking elegant while sipping from it, so I gave myself this cigarette prop from Flowey, instead.  I was originally going to use this post as a blogger contest submission for The Secret Store, which is why most of the whole outfit comes from there.  Unfortunately, I didn't get my post and picture completed in time!  Oh well, that's how it goes, eh?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Look 54: Not Your Lady


My Look:
SKIN: MY UGLYDOROTHY | Jung08 Teeth - Saddle |
HAIR [mesh]: LaViere | Miki - Bluetip | Oct C88|
SUNGLASSES: Yummy | Eyelash Sunglasses - Texture Change | Oct C88 |
EARRINGS: Yummy | Flamingo Earrings | Oct C88 |
SCARF: Izzie's | Little Silk Scarf - Yellow |
BRACELETS: [glow] studio | Aztec Bangles |
SHOES: Elate | Kate Flats - Emerald |
SHIRT [mesh]: Milk Motion | Tiger Sweatshirt - Gray |
SKIRT [mesh]: The Secret Store | Lady Swing Skirt - Crimson |
POSES: Le PoppyCock | "Cocky" Set |
My Room:
COUCH [mesh]: Tatty Soup | Lyde Couch - Sea |
LAMP LEFT: Tatty Soup | Evie Lamp 50s |
LAMP RIGHT: Tatty Soup | Elbow Lamp Zigzag |
MOBILE: Apple Fall | Origami Birds | @ Cinema Event |
ART: Little House of Curios | Vintage Art Cluster |
TABLE: North West | Iron Side Table - Mango |
PLANT: Nylon Outfitters | Doll Vase Head - Mother Nature |
UMBRELLA: Nanan | Nanan Umbrella Flowers |
BOOTS: GoS | Rigged Wellingon - Iris |
HOUSE: Nordari | MilkCoffee & Sugar Hearts |
With this look I think I was going for something like "vintage trailer park" - the perfect blend of tacky and retro.  Definitely John Waters inspired, so I owe a thanks to the current round of Collabor88 for the idea. For furniture, what we have here is some new or newish offerings from Tatty Soup and Apple Fall.  I actually own a lamp in real life that's very similar to the "Evie Lamp" - love it!  The tiger sweatshirt was a recent FLF item from Milk Motion; one doesn't usually think of sweatshirts going well with lady-like swing skirts, but I think that it works. It keeps the outfit from being too serious, at any rate, which is what I wanted.  As you can see, my avi loves this room and wouldn't mind playing around in it for a few hours. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Look 53: Pandora's Picnic



My Look:

SKIN: Mother Goose's | Amelie SGB Teeth |
EYES: IKON | Horizon Eyes - Light Grenada |
HAIR [mesh]: Clawtooth | Bold - Sunny Days Red | Oct C88 |
BRACELET: Miao | Madeline Pearl Ribbon Bracelet - Color Change |
RING: North West | The 'Stache Double Loop Ring - Mint/Gold |
HAT [mesh]: Tram | Cat Beret - Tex Change |
SOCKS: Croire | Crochet Leg Warmers - Pea |
BOOTS [mesh]: Leverocci | Range Boots - Rust |
SWEATER [mesh]: {u.f.o} | Flamingos Day - Grandma | Oct C88|
SHORTS [mesh]: {u.f.o.} | Flamingos Day - Navy | Oct C88 |
COFFEE: Sweet Leonard | Squirrel Coffee | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) |
POSE: Croire | "Pins and Needles Set |

My Room:
TABLE, BENCH, CHAIRS, (LEFT) TREE, BIRD CAGES, TABLE DECOR: Cheeky Pea and Pilot | Garden Party Set | Oct C88 |
GATE/FENCE: emm shop | Garden Entrance Autumn |

The weather has been holding where I live; lots of sunshine, blue skies, and mild breezes. If one wanted to, they could still get away with having a little outdoor picnic. Of course, it would mean having to share with all of the critters who are running around outside trying to fatten up for winter, but if they're as cute as this rabbit, hamster, owl, and cat from D-Lab, then I don't know how anyone could resist sharing a nibble or two.  This amazing outdoor garden party set is the featured item by Cheeky Pea and Pilot for this round of Collabor88. It comes with a lot of things not picturec here, including a bench-type sofa, more bird cages, and a picnic blanket. It's also packed full of poses and will rez out certain props, like utensils, drinks, and so forth. It's rustic enough to work for Autumn but I think it could totally be put out in the Spring and Summer, too - though I expect that by then, the creators will already have made something new and amazing that I'll have moved on to. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Look 52: Soft Goth



My Look:
SKIN: Mother Goose's | Poki2 - Lucky Board |
EYES: IKON | Sunrise Eyes - Light Arabian Blue |
HAIR [mesh]: Fashionably Dead | Classic Killer - Rainbow 4 | Past C88 |
RING: [glow] studios | I'll Rock You Ring - 3 Colors |
BRACELET: [glow] studios | Ribbons and Pearls Bracelet |
NECKLACE 1: [glow] studios | Ruffle Flower Necklace - Wisteria |
NECKLACE 2: GOK | My Phat Rosary Black |
GLOVES: tomoto | Lace Gloves White |
MOUSE EARS: Auxiliary | Gatcha Mouse Ears - Bow Black 3 |
STOCKINGS: Schadenfreude | Sheer Flamingo White |
STOCKING RIBBONS: House of Fox | Knit Socks |
SOCKS: Bonne Chance | Mico Lace Socks |
SHOES: VCO | Clipper Shoes - Black |
DRESS [mesh]: mijn boutique | Frill Casual Mini Dress - Black & White |
POSES: Marukin | Flambe | Oct C88 |
My Room:
DRAFTING TABLE, CHAIR, BOOKS: Art Dummy | Flamingo Drafting Table Set | Oct C88 |
CACTUSES: Tatty Soup |
LILY BUCKETS: Tatty Soup |
PHOTOS: North West | Poloroid String - Flowers |
ART: Ionic  | Octubre Collage |
GUITAR: {u.f.o.} |
HOUSE: Nordari | Milkcoffee and Sugar Hearts |
When my sister was in Berlin last month, she saw girls dressed in the "nu goth" or "pastel goth" style everywhere, which basically means black goth clothes with easter-egg colored hair and accessories. I've admired this look myself for a while and decided to create something similar to it here in SL, pairing this black dress by Mijn with a bunch of soft, girly accessories. And where else would a nu goth live but in a soft, pastel colored house? The new drafting table set from Art Dummy (for Collabor88) is the perfect set piece for this style; pair it with some bright, fun foliage from Tatty Soup, cute artwork from Ionic, and you've got the perfect abode for a goth chick who likes minnie mouse, flamingos, lillies, and animal artwork  - and what goth chick wouldn't?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Look 51: No Light, No Light



My Outfit:
SKIN: MY UGLYDOROTHY | Alexis 03 Freckles |
HAIR [mesh]: Fashionably Dead | Sunday - Blond 2 |
EYES [mesh]: Anara | Anara Custom Mesh Eyes |
LIPS: The Sugar Garden | Stella Lips - Ruby |
RING: LaGyo | Bizarre Flower Ring |
BRACELET: Miao | Madeline Pearl Ribbon Bracelet |
COLLAR: Pesca | Cameo Fur Collar 8 |
NECKLACE: Dark Mouse | Aisling Necklace Silver | Store Closed :( |
HEADBAND: LOULOU&CO | Capharnaum Headband |
STOCKINGS: Amerie | Candy Stockings Black |
SHOES: Schadenfreude | Cygnette Heels Taupe | Past C88 |
DRESS [mesh]: Tram | Scallop Dress Red |
POSES: Flowey | April "New Stories" |
My Room:
ARMCHAIR [mesh]: Tatty Soup | Moreton Chair (11 LI) |
CABINET: Tatty Soup | Penny Lane Cabinet (3 LI) |
CHAIR: Tatty Soup | Gypsy Chair (7 LI) |
VASE: Tatty Soup | Stick Vase (3 LI) |
CROSS: North West | Santa Maria Cross | (28 LI) |
CANDLE: Post | (4 LI) |
BOOK: Post | (3 LI) |
HOUSE: Nordari | Milk Cofee and Sugar Hearts | (95 LI) |
Autumn is a gorgeous month, but it's also a month of palpable waning. Mornings are darker, evening falls earlier and earlier, and every day that I rise I'm more aware that winter is coming (Game of Thrones, yay!). If only I had a direwolf to keep me company. 
I've put this look together to match my room; this might be my new "thing," in fact - outfits inspired by rooms, and rooms inspired by outfits. In real life I can't afford to re-decorate my house to match my clothes, but such is the fun and freedom of SL. I feel like this room is trying to hoarde what's left of the light, and ward off the oncoming dark. The outfit is the outfit of someone trying to cling to the florid summer warmth for just a little bit longer.  I'm showing off some new releases from Tatty Soup, here: the brand new Moreton Chair comes in a variety of plaid tones, ranging from somber to vivid.  It also has a ton of fun poses, none of which I'm showing off because they didn't work with my dress (nothing worse than flashing your alpha to the world, right?). I thought the gypsy chair made the perfect side-table, but it's also good for sitting in, too!  The cross from North West is heavy on the prims, but it's so cool and casts great light.  North West is about to close its doors, so this is your last chance to get some of their unique creations! 
Until next time - stay warm and light your candles!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Indian Summer Home

I've just rented a new plot on Fleeting Heart and have spent the last few weeks or so decking out my Autumn House, which I'm calling my "Indian Summer Home" because it just sounds prettier.  :)  May I give you the grand tour? 

Why don't you stay awhile?
GATE: .emm shop | Garden Entrace Autumn |
PUMPKIN DECOR: MMGrafitti's | Jack-O-Lantern Trees |
WHEELBARROW: Laize Days | Halloween Wheelbarrow | Gift! |
BENCH: Cheeky Pea | Autumn Fly to the Sky Bench|
HOUSE: Nordari | Milk Coffee & Sugar Hearts (slight modifications) |
COAT/HAT RACK: Zinnia's | "Entrada" Coat Rack |
CHAIR: ililo | Morning Stool |
PLANT: Lisp | Herb Planter |
Bathroom 1:
VANITY, STOOL & DECO: Boat House | Large Vanity Worn Blue |
PICTURES: Jazzmonkey Voom |

Bathroom 2:
SINK, CABINET, TOWEL: Y's House | KouBou Sink Set |
SCREEN: Tatty Soup | Hungry Bird Screen |
TUB, TABLE, LANTERN, TOWEL: Boat House | Glamping Bathroom Set |
TOILET: MMGraffiti's |

Kitchen 1:
KITCHEN ELEMENTS: Trompe Loeil | Timeless Kitchen (modified) |
CANISTERS: Anya OhMai! | Animal Spice Gatcha | Arcade Event |
MILK: Thaino |
PEARS: Teawood |
Kitchen 2:
TABLE: Tatty Soup | Keep It Clean Table |
CHAIR FOREGROUND: Cheeky Pea | Painter's Chair - Tex. Change |
CHAIR MIDDLE: Vespertine | Alma Chair - Multi |
CHAIR BACKGROUND: Zigana | Painted Armchair - Tex Change |
BENCH: Y's House | Bench 00 Red |
PLANT: Nylon Outfitters | Doll Head Vase - Mother Nature | Arcade Event |
POSTER: Analog Jun |
CHERRIES: Teawood |
TEA: Poche | Free! |
CUPCAKES: Thaino |
Living Room 1:
DOLL: Art Dummy | Once - Tabletop Version |
SOFA, ASHTRAY: Post | Haarlem Deco Set |
OTTOMAN: North West | Cushy Pouf - Green |
RUG: Lisp | Peaches and Cream Rug |
TV: Nordari | October Transmission |


Living Room 2:
ARMCHAIR: Artilleri | Middleton Chair - Coral |
SIDE TABLE: Axo's | Peaceful Music Vintage Table |
LAMP: Mudhoney | Evelyn Table Lamp
ART: North West | Summer Frames |
PLANT: Nylon Outfitters | Doll Head Vase - Nippy | Arcade Event |
PILLOW: iTutu | Owl Cushion - Green |
Livingroom 3:
RECORD UNIT: Lisp | Funky Lispette Record Unit  |
RECORD CRATE: Dirty Deeds | Old Record Crate - Red |
STOOL: Art Dummy | Vintage Stool - Medium Wood |
DRAWERS: Vespertine | DIY Closet | Group Gift |
BOARD AND CRATE (makeshift desk): MMGraffiti's |
BOOKENDS: FDD | Bunny Bookends |
FILES: MMGraffiti's |
CAT SCULPTURE: Boat House | Part of Vanity Set |
BOXES: MMGraffiti's |
GLOBE: North West | Wordtrotter- Love |
PHOTOS: North West | Poloroids on a String - Flowers |
SHELF W/BOOKS: Pilot | Pipe Shelf (modified) |
FAN: Lisp | Fan - Tex Change |
LIGHT: Trompe Loeil | NYC66 Artichoke Lamp |
Bedroom 1:
DESK, CHAIR, and ACCESSORIES: Hello, September | Waste the Day Set | Group Gift |
BOOKSHELF: Lisp | Book Tree Shelf - Autumn |
FILE CABINET: Picnic | Antique Chest |  
MOBILE: Fucifino |

Bedroom 2:
DAY BED: Post | Kyoto Daybed |
TRUNK and DECO: Croire | Traveler's Trunks |
LETTER LIGHT: Commoner | Monogram Marquee | Arcade Event |
BRANCH: FDD | Branch Wall Deco |
PICTURES: What Next | Autumn Collage Frames |
PILLOW: Lisp | Gacha Floor Cushion - Lemon Flower |
Come Again Soon...
CHAIR: What Next | Oslo Chair Patchwork | Arcade Event |
STOOL w/TEA: Y's House |
OTTOMAN: Lisp | Pansy Puff |
TABLE: North West | Iron Side Table - Mango |
DOOR SHELVES: Tatty Soup | Recyled Door Green |
SOIL BOX: MMGraffiti's |
I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Some of the items in my house are past hunt gifts and may no longer be available, but I'm not sure which ones are and which ones aren't - if you really want something and can't find it, just ask me and I'll try to find out. :)  Also, if you like any of the items made by North West, you should run out and get them because the store is closing soon!  Everything is currently 50L, and they have super-cute stuff.  I will really miss that store when it's gone! 
Also, stop by my place at Fleeting Heart sometime.  Clementine Ishtari (who owns the store Hello, September) made it, and it's just gorgeous.