Friday, December 13, 2013

Look 84: A River So Long

Pastels in winter? Why not, I say. The fading sunlight is actually a perfect accompaniment to blushy pink and frosty mint tones -  a palette I used to inspire both my outdoor setting and my outfit. I picked up quite a few items featured here from Collabor88: the flared coat by The Secret Store, the fluffy lambs by MishMish, hat by Milk Motion, and poses by Imeka. The pink skates are also by The Secret Store, the pink hair is by Clawtooth, and both can be found at the Arcade event. I don't even want to tell you how many lindens I spent to finally get the pink skates! :)

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Luna - X Tone |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Luminate - Pink |
HAIR: Clawtooth | Closer - Pink and Pretty | @ The Arcade |
LIPS: The Sugar Garden | Sweet Luna Lipsgloss - Twizzler |
BLUSH & Freckles | Sugar Heart | Sweetheart Speckles + Crush Blush |
COLLAR: Tram | Scallop Collar - Texture Change |
HAT: Milk Motion | Faux Fur Hat - Beige Deer | @ Dec C88 |
MITTENS: Pixel Mode | Suede Mittens - Pink |
TIGHTS: Cannibelle | Toile de Jouy Tights - Beige |
CAPE: May's Soul | Forest Cape - Deer | @ 25L Holiday Bazaar |
SKATES: The Secret Store | Candy Polka | @ The Arcade |
COAT: The Secret Store | Sarah Dress Coat - Mint | @ Dec C88 |
POSE 1: Imeka | "Katie" Set | @ Dec C88 |
POSE 2 & 3: Imeka | "Reika" Set |  @ Dec C88 |

My Room:
BUSHES: Two Moon Gardens |
TREE: Thus Magic |
SHEEP: Mish Mish | @ Dec C88 |

Monday, December 9, 2013

Look 83: If on a Winter's Night

I'm enjoying winter in SL far more than I am enjoying winter in real life. It has been brutally cold where I live, but the digital landscape allows me to enjoy the beauty of winter without any of the inconveniences: slick roads, chapped lips and hands, and unflattering multi-layers of clothing. I wanted to put together a Christmasy outfit that didn't amount to a santa suit, and was pleasantly surprised with all of the goodies up for grabs at Collabor88's latest round, along with some treats from the new Arcade event. This cozy knit dress and boots by Katatonik pairs up perfectly with the knit-wrap hairstyle from Clawtooth. The backpack of fish by B.C.C. and igloo by What Next add a decidedly Inuit feel to the whole scene. Now all I need is some penguins to feed.

My Look
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Luna - X Tone |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Luminate - Ice Blue |
HAIR: Clawtooth | Snuggle Party - Caramel Cream | @ Dec C88 |
BLUSH: Sugar Heart | Crush Blush |
LIPS: The Sugar Garden | Stella Lips - Ruby |
NAILS: Nailed It! | Dark Manicure (for Slink hands) |
BACKPACK: B.C.C. | Hppy Kuku  - Red | @ The Arcade |
LEGGINGS: Kyoot | Hollander Leggings - Cream |
EARS/ANTLERS: Half Deer | Tartan Deer Ears | @ The Arcade |
GLOVES: VCO | Gloves Necklace - Rudolph | @ The Arcade |
DRESS & BOOTS: Katatonik | Cozy Knit Dress & Boots - Muted Navy | @ Dec C88|
POSE 1: Imeka | "Hyun" Set | @ Kustom 9 |
POSE 2: Imeka | "Lu" Set | @ The Chapter Four |

My Room
IGLOO: What Next | @ The Arcade |
FIRE: We're Closed | Group Gift |
RAVEN FLOCK: We're Closed |

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Look 82: Unlock the Lock Inside of Me

Hi all!  Just wanted to show off an outfit I've been wearing around the grid lately, comprised of items from many recent events, including collabor88, Fameshed, shoetopia, etc...  I tried to keep everything mature and simple for once. Maybe because someone once told me that my avatar always looks 13. :/  But I do quite like the results and perhaps I'll be putting together some more mature and simple outfits in the near future. ;)

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Luna - X Tone |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Luminate - Honey |
HAIR: Lamb | Stay Don't Go - Milkshake | @ Nov C88 |
LIPS: The Sugar Garden | Sweet Luna Gloss - Blow Pop |
EYELINER: La Malvada Mujer | Lou Lou a l'ecole |
HANDS and FEET: Slink |
NAILS: Nailed It! | Dark French Manicure |
NECKLACE: Yummy | Metals and Diamond - Day |
SHOES: Candydoll | Eleanora - Black | @ Shoetopia |
BODYSUIT: RamaRowanberry | Foil Metallic Lace Bodysuit |
CARDIGAN: Emery | Los Angeles Cardigan - Black | @ Fameshed |
SHORTS: Tres Blah | Metallic Glitter Shorts - Floral |
POSE: Imeka | "Liz" set |

Monday, November 25, 2013

Harvest House

Hello all. It's been a while... I've been very busy in RL, but I just realized the other day that I haven't yet posted the pictures of my autumn home. And since it's really barely autumn anymore, I really ought to get them up.

I was going for a cozy, warm place with a witchy feel, and I think I achieved that... let me give you the tour, k?

I'm going to do something I wouldn't normally do and skip the credits, mostly due to time constraints. I will post a list of all the creators featured in the above pictures (and cross my fingers that I don't miss anyone), but no landmarks. If you want to know where something specific comes from, please leave me a comment to ask!  Despite the brevity of this post I hope you enjoyed these pics :)

Content in above pics by: Trompe Loeil, Happy Mood, We're Closed!, Beetlebones, Pilot, Lisp, MMG's, Cheeky Pea, Sanctuaire, Vespertine, Noctis, Discordant Designs, Fri.Home, floorplan, POST, Zigana, Zinnia's, Half-Deer, Picnic, Lark, BBQQ, Y's House, Atomic, lame, OMEN, applefall, keke, tatty soup, TIA, tres blah, and hopefully I haven't missed anyone!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Look 81: Brittle Flowers

Hello everybody - hard to believe it's almost mid-October and I'm only just now getting to some of the monthly events! It definitely doesn't help that there's so much cute stuff to choose from. Today's look and room is mostly comprised of things I picked up from this month's Chapter Four. It features a lot of Ionic because I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to Iakua's gatchas, plus accessories by Milk Motion and Tokame, and pose by Imeka. If you haven't collected your haul from the Chapter Four yet, be sure to get there in the next few weeks while the getting is good.

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Luna - X Tone |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Luminate - Aquamarine |
HAIR: Magika | Quote - Color Pack 3 |
HAT: Milk Motion | Cat Beanie - Old Pink | @ The Chapter Four |
NECKLACE: Tokame | Heart in a Cage - Jammy Brown | @ The Chapter Four |
CAMERA: Tee*fy | Brownie Camera - Pink | Past Arcade |
RING: Sweet Leonard | Vintage Dream Ring - Baroque | VIP Group Gift |
TIGHTS: Izzie's | Cat Tights - Rose |
NAILS: Starry Night | Taffy Nails - Slink Appliers | @ Candy Fair |
BLOUSE: Nylon Outfitters | Sheer Floral Henley - White |
DRESS: Ionic | Mia Dress - Noir | @ The Chapter Four |
BOOTS: Gos | Triumph Boots - Worn |
POSE: Imeka | "Moca" Set | @ The Chapter Four |

My Room:
BUILD, FURNITURE, WALL DECOR: Ionic | @ The Chapter Four |
RUGS: Sanctuaire | Over-Dyed Rugs |
INK BOTTLES + PEN: Keke | @ The Chapter Four |
BIRD CAGE: Z Kiosk | @ The Chapter Four |

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Look 80: Make My Mouth Water

The Candy Fair just opened this weekend and there's lots of delectable treats for your sweet tooth. I actually don't eat candy in real life, but it seems in Second Life I can't get enough of it - especially if I can wear it like an accessory! Most of what I'm wearing - including the birdies on my shoulders and the cotton-candy cart - can be found at the Candy Fair. I'm also wearing a new skin, Luna, by one of my favorite skin creators: The Sugar Garden. Both the eyes and lipstick are a new TSG release, too, with the lipstick being a Candy Fair exclusive. I don't know about you, but just looking at this picture gives me a toothache. In a good way...

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Luna - X Tone |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Luminate - Pink |
HAIR: Chemistry | Bubbles - Sky |
FRECKLES & BLUSH: Sugar Heart |
LIPSTICK: The Sugar Garden | Sweet Luna Lipgloss - Twizzler | @ The Candy Fair |
EARS & HORN: Half Deer | Sweet Dreams Unicorn Set - Spun Sugar | @ The Candy Fair |
BIRDIES: Half Deer | Ice-cream-aholic Birdy - Cake Cone | @ The Candy Fair |
COTTON CANDY: Birdy | Cotton Candy Gift | @ The Candy Fair |
HAIR BOWS: LaViere | Candy Bow - Mint |
BRACELET: *MM* | Yummy Charm Bracelet |
NAILS: Starry Heaven | Taffy Fingernails - for Slink Hands | @ The Candy Fair |
RING: Tea.s | Ring Pop - Watermelon | @ The Candy Fair |
NECKLACE: Tee*fy | Wooden Bow Necklace |
STOCKINGS: Hopscotch | Dotted Stockings Pastel - Mint | @ The Candy Fair |
SOCKS: Stellar | Ruffle Socks - White |
SHOES: Okkbye | Platform Sandals - Blue Waves - for Slink Feet |
TOP: Violent Seduction | Lolita Blouse - Pink |
ROMPER: Osito | Retro Romper - Ice Cream Parlour | @ The Candy Fair |
COTTON CANDY CART & SIGN: Follow Us! | @ The Candy Fair |
POSES: Imeka | "Julie" Set | @ The Chapter Four |

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Look 79: A Thimblesworth of Milky Moon

Today I have a bunch of odds-and-ends to show you. A few last-minute Arcade prizes, some FLF items, a thing or two from The Dressing Room Fusion, and some new releases from the home furniture store Junk. Basically, I'm wrapping up all of this month's events and getting ready to blow even more lindens on the upcoming October events! Why is it that shopping in SL never gets old...?

Have you been to the store MishMish yet? I love these cute little clay pots they featured for FLF. They come with a hud so you can add a bow, mustache, pacifier, etc. Sort of like Mr. Potato-Head, if anyone remembers those toys. Floorplan also put out a great texture-change metal lamp for FLF - the half table is by them, too. Except for the TV (which is by the Loft and was an arcade prize), the rest of the furniture shown here is new from Junk. I love the chair, it's so unique! I chose the vegetable-themed floor cushions because they remind me of fall.

Well that's it for this weekend. Hope you have a great Saturday!

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Baby - X Tone |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Ocean |
HAIR: Truth | Rocky - Blondes |
HANDS: Slink |
NAILS: Nailed It @ Baiastice | French Manicure - Dark Set |
LIPS: The Sugar Garden | Lacquer Lips - Pink | VIP Gift |
RING: Maxi Gossamer | Night Star Cross | @ Limited Bazaar |
COLLAR: Baiastice | Fatima Collar - Gold | @ TDR Fusion |
EARS: Auxiliary | Purrfect Headband - Teal | @ Arcade |
STOCKINGS: Stellar | Garter Socks - Pink |
BOOTS: COCO | Belted Ankle Boots | Group Gift |
MOCHI BUNNY: Ohmai! | Bunny - Food & Pet | @ DU5 |
SWEATER: So Many Styles | Neon Owl Sweater - Gray | @ TDR Fusion |
SHORTS: Emery | High Waist Denim Short - Hope Tie Dye |
POST: Imeka | "Amaya" Set |

My Room:
SKYBOX: Vespertine | Hidden Place - Head in the Clouds |
CHAIR: junk | Sonny Chair - Kooky | new release! |
ALPHABET CHEST: junk | Alphabet Chest - Autumn | new release! |
CUSHIONS: junk | Cushion Pile - Vegetable Soup | new release! |
POUFFE: junk | Cube Pouffe - Bumper Car | new release! |
TV: The Loft | Retro TV - Green | @ Arcade |
LAMP: Floorplan | Metal Lamp - Texture Change |
TABLE: Floorplan | Half Table - Yellow |
CLAY POTS: MishMish | Clay Family - Potted Plants |

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Look 78: When the Weather Breaks

The leaves are just beginning to change where I live - summer has a few last gasps in her and then we'll be in the thick of autumn with Halloween coming up. Today I'm wearing an outfit in anticipation of the upcoming chill, mixing together some items from both past and the current Collabor88. As for the fawn ears and make-up....consider it early practice Halloween. Plus it just looks cute. <3

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Baby - X Tone |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Sleepy Lavender |
HAIR: Diva! | "Tina" - Cat's Eye | @ C88 |
HANDS: Slink Mesh Hands |
NAILS: Nailed It @ Baiastice | French Manicure - Dark Set |
NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer | Nima's Fall Leaf Necklace | @ C88 |
RING: Epoque | Metal Petal Ring - Rose | @ My Attic |
STOCKINGS: Doppelganger | (store closed) |
LEGWARMERS: Monso | My Legwarmer - Dark Grey | @ The Seasons Story |
SHOES: Fashionably Dead | Platform Cuties - Navy | @ The Arcade |
JACKET: Tee*fy | Faux Fur Coat - Plum | past C88 |
BLOUSE: Tres Blah | Sequined Top - Blue Bird | past C88 |
SKIRT: Auxiliary |  A Little Foxy Skirt - Classic Floral | @ C88 |
POSE: Imeka | "Kylie" Set |

My Room: 
PUMPKINS: Pilot | @ C88 |

Friday, September 13, 2013

Look 77: Go on and Wonder

You've been to the new round of The Chapter Four by now, haven't you? If you haven't, get there pronto and grab one of my favorite gatchas...a set of fantastic furniture and decor by Ionic. Everything pictured above was included in just one play for $75L! A great deal, and a great way to get your hands on some adorable goodies.

What about The Seasons Story? At this event you'll find lots of Autumnish, whimsical-themed fashion and home decor. Everything I'm wearing (except for the skin) was picked up at the The Seasons Story, including this delicate lace skirt by Pesca and gathered silk blouse by Tram, which I paired with more boyish-looking boots by +ILO+. The hair is by Truth and comes with a hud to change both the hat and hair textures. I love all of it!

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Angel - A Tone |
HAIR: Truth | Juniper - Colors Pack | @ The Seasons Story |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Sleepy Lavender |
LIPS: The Sugar Garden | Baby Smooches - Pearl |
FRECKLES: Sugar Heart | Sweetheart Speckles |
LASHES: Beetlebones | Dollface Black |
NECKLACE: Half Deer | Forest Spirit Necklace - Raccoon | @ The Seasons Story |
BOOTS: +ILO+ | Operator Boots #1 | @ The Seasons Story |
COLLAR and BLOUSE: Tram | Gathered Shoulder Blouse - PinkBeige | @ The Seasons Story |
SKIRT: Pesca | Lace Skirt - White | @ The Seasons Story |

My Room:
HOUSE: L2 Studio | Shoreline House |
ALL FURNITURE/DECOR: Ionic | @ The Chapter Four |

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Look 76: Pocketfull of Quarters

I've picked up lots of fun stuff at the Arcade, so it's about time I showed it off! As usual, there's just wayyy too many cute and fun things to spend your Lindens on at the Arcade, but I refuse to have any regrets about it! The Chapter Four also has a new round up, full of cute clothes and home decor items. I'll be showing off all the home items I got in a future post.

If anyone used to shop at the great home store Tatty Soup (now closed), the creator, Tab Tantham, has a new shop called junk, where you can find some of the cute new releases featured above.

See you next soon!

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Angel - A Tone |
EYES: Anara | Anara Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR + HEADBAND: Clawtooth | Hearts on Fire - Mermaid Dip | @ The Arcade! |
BLUSH AND FRECKLES: Sugar Heart | Crush Blush and Sweetheart Speckles |
NECKLACE: VCO | Worry Doll - Yellow | @ The Arcade! |
CAT: Schadenfreude | Chibi Cat - Lissy | @ The Arcade! |
BAG: Milk Motion | The Donut Bag - Choco | @ The Arcade! |
STOCKINGS: Lunaricon | Ombre Suspenders - Sunray | @ The Chapter 4 |
SHOES: Fashionably Dead | Platform Cuties - Yellow & Orange | @ The Arcade! |
OUTFIT: Ionic | Yael Skirt and Autumn Chill Sweater | @ The Chapter 4 |

My Room:
BED: Art Dummy | @ The Arcade! |
SEWING CLUTTER: Second Spaces | @ The Arcade! |
MEMO BOARD: Tres Blah | @ The Arcade! |
CHANDELIER: Commoner | @ The Arcade! |
DOLLHOUSE BOOKCASE: Alouette | @ The Arcade! |
PIGGY LAMP: bbqq | @ The Arcade! |
RECORD PLAYER: floorplan | @ The Arcade! |
CANDY JAR: Pilot | @ The Arcade! |
FAWN OWL: Half Deer | @ The Arcade! |
OVERDYED RUG: Sanctuaire |
MORGAN DRAWERS: junk | new release! |
CUBE POUFFES: junk | new release! |

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Look 75: The Music of What Happens

A rowan like a lipsticked girl. 
Between the by-road and the main road 
Alder trees at a wet and dripping distance 
Stand off among the rushes. 

There are the mud-flowers of dialect 
And the immortelles of perfect pitch 
And that moment when the bird sings very close 
To the music of what happens 

Happy Saturday! Today I've put together something simple using some items from the Arcade and Fifty Linden Fridays. The photographs came out kinda poetic, somehow, and reminded me that one of our best poets, Seamus Heaney, died this week. The poem I quote above, "Song," is by him. Saturdays are good days for reading poetry, don't you think?

My Look:
SKIN: The Skinnery | Alice 3 - Champagne | @ The Arcade |
HAIR: Exile | Just a Reason - Wild Fusion 2 | @ The Arcade |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Sleepy Lavender |
TEETH: Fashionably Dead | Bardot Teeth |
EARS: Half Deer | Velven Bunny Ears - Angelbloom | @ The Arcade |
WINGS: Schadenfreude | Mannequiel Wings |
NECKLACE: Glow Studios | Woven and Pearl Necklace |
RING: Flowey | Light as a Feather Ring |
SHOES: +ILO+ | Ballet Flats - White | @ The Arcade |
DRESS: Tee*fy | Aurora Nightdress - Peach | @ The Arcade |
POSES: Marukin | Collabor88 Birthday | @ C88 |

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Look 74: Without so Much as a Shiver

If you still haven't made it over to the Arcade because you can't stand fighting the crowds, why not swing over to Collabor88 and grab up any last minute goodies you might have missed? There's only a few days left before the next round, and I don't know about you, but the birthday round was so great that every time I've gone back, I find something I meant to buy and didn't! 

In addition to my C88 goodies, I've purchased something I never thought I would purchase - mesh feet by Slink! One thing about me is that I hate, and I mean hate tinting feet. This is why I rarely purchase open-toed shoes in SL. When I discovered that some of my favorite skin creators are now making appliers for the Slink feet and hands, I became a lot more interested in getting a set of feet for my avatar. Then, when I saw these platforms by Milk Motion and how cute they were, I was sold! Now I can't wait to expand my collection of Slink-compatible footwear. Better go buy some more lindens... 

My Look
SKIN - The Sugar Garden | Baby - X Tone |
EYES: Anara | Anara Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR: Liquence | F2 in Color Ombres |
BLUSH & FRECKLES: Sugar Heart | Sweetheart Spreckles & Crush Blush |
LIPS: The Sugar Garden | Baby Smooches - Strawberry |
TEETH: Fashionably Dead | Bardot Teeth |
LASHES: Beetlebones | Dollface - Black |
FEET: Slink | Mesh Feet Medium (appliers by The Sugar Garden)
BRACELET: LaGyo | Helen Bangle Gold - Type A | @ C88 |
NECKLACE: Glow Studios | Pink Sunrise | (past arcade) |
HEADPIECE: Things | Soma Face Chain - Gold | @ SL Fashion Week |
BAG: Milk Motion | Perfume Bottle Bag | @ C88 |
SHOES: Milk Motion | Salome Sandals - Plum | @ C88 |
TOP (under): KoKo | Glitter Crop Top - Gold |
DRESS: The Secret Store | Sequined Flapper Dress - Plum | @ C88 |
POSES: Flowey | "Dazzle" Set | @ C88 |

(Background by RubyBlossom @ flickr)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Dream Home

I've actually had my summer home up for months, but have yet to post pictures of it...and now it's almost Autumn! So, let's enjoy the warm weather while we can (it's 90 degrees in my neck of the woods today), because before long we'll be missing it.

BUILD: Scarlet Creative | Vintage Petite | 
LOVE FRAMES: Scarlet Creative
RUG: Scarlet Apples
ARMCHAIR fri.home |
TABLE: Sanctuaire |
BOOK LAME: floorplan |
CHAIR: Pilot & Exposeur
LETTERS: Cheeky Pea

RUG: Tatty Soup |
FRUIT: Teawood |
CHAIRS: Cheeky Pea |
SUBWAY ART: Trompe Loeil
KITCHEN DECO: Lisp & Trompe Loeil
FRIDGE: Trompe Loeil

PIANO: Lisp |
SOFA: Trompe Loeil |
BENCH: .lame
DEER: floorplan
BOOKCASE: Scarlet Creative |

ARMCHAIR (grey) and CANDLES: Cheeky Pea |
ARMCHAIR (orange) and RUG: .lame |
BOOKCASE: Scarlet Creative
TABLE: floorplan |

ARMCHAIR (grey) and CANDLES: Cheeky Pea |
BOOKCASE: Scarlet Creative
TABLE: floorplan |
DESK and RUG: .lame
HOUSE SHELVES: Vespertine |
PHONE: %Percent
CHAIR: Handverk
ART: Apple Fall

BATH & RUG: Mudhoney
SINK and LIGHTS: Y's House

BED, LAMP, SCREEN & CUBBY: floorplan |
BENCH and BIRDCAGES: Cheeky Pea |
SOFA: fri.home |
PAPER ART: .lame |

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Look 73: Back from the Dead

Hello all!  As the title suggests, I'm back from a long SL hiatus. My real life has been a priority the last several months, and while I don't see that changing, I have made time lately to buy some new outfits... so I figure while I'm doing so, why not blog them?

As everyone already knows by now, it's C88's 2nd birthday. C88 was one of the first events I ever shopped in SL, back in April 2012, and even though I tried to take photographs of my outfits, my photography skills were pretty abysmal, so they never got posted. Still, C88 became one of my first favorite monthly events and has remained a favorite ever since.

My Look
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Hope - X Tone |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Ocean Eyes - Green |
HAIR: lamb | Zelda - Washed Out | C88 August |
LIPS: The Sugar Garden | Dolly Lips - Bitten T | Group Gift |
FRECKLES: Sugar Heart | Sweetheart Speckles |
BLUSH: Sugar Heart | Crush Blush |
TATTOO: Juicy Box | Terranimal 1 |
GLOVES: The Secret Store | Fine Gloves - Faded Blue |
RING: Glow Studios | Studio Cut Emerald Ring - Rose/Gold | C88 August |
BRA: Juicy Box | Mermaid Lingerie |
NECKLACE: Lou Lou & Co | Tea Time |
SOCKS: BCC | Mico Lace Socks |
SHOES: Schadenfreude | Casinelle | C88 August |
DRESS: The Sinners Crossroads | Cute as a Button Dress - Strange Times |
POSES: Imeka | "Hayley" Set |

My Room
HOUSE: Scarlet Creative | Vintage Petite |
SHELF: fri.home | frame shelf |
ENTRY SET: fri.home | entry ensemble |
GLOBE: Northwest | (store closed) |

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Look 72: Wind Me Up


My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Angel - A Tone |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Ocean Eyes - Green |
HAIR: Magika | Nine - 03 Colors |
MESH HEAD: The Sugar Garden | Dakota Mesh Head Hybrid Avatar - A Tone |
RING: LaGyo | Lila Ring - Color Change |
BRACELETS: The Sea Hole | Parisian Bangles Pearl |
HEADBAND: Sweet Leonard | Leaf Tiara - Onyx |
COLLAR: [glow] studios | Peter Pan Collar - Black Crystal |
TIGHTS: Doppleganger | Suspender Tights - Black | Store Closed :( |
SHOES: House of Fox | Jealousie Bootie - Coral |
BLOUSE: Tee*fy | Polly Tucked Blouse - Teal | @ Feb C88 |
SKIRT: C'est La Vie | Skater Skirt - Bird Ivory |
POSES: Imeka | "Lily" Set |

My Room:
LOVESEAT: fri.home | Parlor Loveseat |
ROOM DIVIDER: floorplan | Pallet Divider |
LAMP: floorplan |
BIRDCAGES: Cheeky Pea | Garden Party Set |
CUBBY: floorplan | Valena Cubby - Texture Change |
DECOR IN CUBBY: Boathouse, Mudhoney, Tatty Soup |
HOUSE: Scarlet Creative | Vintage Petite |

Though it's slow going, I'm having a ball decorating my new spring house.  Today I'm showing you part of the sleeping loft: a little parlor area I created using items from fri.home and floorplan. Once the entire house is done I'll do a proper "grand tour" post, but meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this little teaser!

I'm hardly the first to post about it, but the new Dakota Mesh Head from Sugar Garden is just too cute for words. It's got an anime-cartoonish style to it, which originally made me think it would only work with cutesey outfits; however, I've seen a lot of people pair it up with naughtier looks, and even this outfit I'm wearing here is actually borderline sophisticated. In other words, Dakota is more versatile than you might originally think!  It's also very easy to fit onto your shape so long as you follow the instructions on the notecard. I didn't have any problems getting it to fit me at all, though it might help that my normal base avatar shape is rather petite.

I'm also in love with this skirt from C'est La Vie, which was recently available for a steal (65L!) at Stuff in Stock. I really appreciate designers who create their own original meshes, and it seems to me that Larcoco deserves accolades for her fresh and original designs; I love the fit, flare, and shape of this piece!

Happy Saturday, friends.  I'm off to try to make my way into the Arcade next!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Look 71: I Keep It Warm

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Baby - Xiaxue |
EYES: The Sugar Garden | Sleepy Lavendar |
HAIR [mesh]: Truth | Hollana w/roots - Surf | @ Feb C88 |
BLUSH AND FRECKLES: Sugar Heart | Crush Blush 8 + Sweetheart Spreckles Nose |
LIPS: The Sugar Garden | Baby Smooches Pink T - Pale |
BREASTS [mesh]: Lola's | Tango |
NECKLACE: League | Daydream Necklace Moving Sky Single Tier |
COMB: LaGyo | Hummingbird Comb |
HEADBAND: {u.f.o.} | Animal Wire Headband - Pearl Cat |
EARRINGS: LaGyo | Hummingbird Earrings | @ Feb C88 |
RING: Shakeup | Vintage Ring 11 | Past Arcade |
SOCKS: BCC | Mico Lace Socks |
SHOES [mesh]: G Field | Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" - Mint |
DRESS [mesh]: katat0nik | Souler Babydoll -Sky |
POSES: Imeka | "Danni" Set |

My Room:
HOUSE: Scarlet Creative | Vintage Petite |
LADDER & WALL ART: What Next | Falling Wall Decor - Spring |
DESK, LAMP & CHAIR: fri.home | Parlour Set |

As I sit here on a snowy Sunday, spring has never seemed further away. In SL, however, spring is already starting to show itself, especially in this fun and flirty outfit by kata0nik. Now, I never though I would buy any kind of mesh breast attachments, as they just don't really jibe with my personal style....however, I'll fully admit to being charmed by the sort of "blow-up doll cutsey/kawaii cupcake" look that has accompanied the popularity of Lola's Tango breasts, in particular.

Turns out that I DO actually like fake boobs so long as they're part of a look that is sweet enough to give a person a tooth ache. The Sugar Garden's skins, makeup, and clothing are my favorites for achieving this look, and now I'm happy to see that katat0nik is contributing to this trend.

I put together this scene rather quickly, as I wanted the outfit to take center stage.  I've included a few pieces from the new parlour set by fri.home, which is just great. Run out and get it if you haven't yet!  I've also got my new Scarlet Creative home set up, but am still in the process of decorating. It's a much bigger space than what I usually have, so it could take me a while!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Look 70: Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits

My Look:
SKIN: The Sugar Garden | Angel - A Tone |
EYES: Anara | Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR: booN | Hairpieces GURA21 - Blond |
BOOTS: NuDoLu | Bootes de Boutons |
HOODIE: {u.f.o.} | Porty Training Set - Grey | @ Feb C88 |
SKIRT: NuDoLu | Jupe De Madam Leather Lavendre |
POSES: Imeka | "Talia" Set |

My Room:
BOOK FRAMES: .lame |
GLOBE & LANTERN | Sanctuaire |
CLOUD MOBILE & CHAIR: Vespertine | In-store Sale! |
HOUSE: Vespertine | Nougat Apt. |

Wow, this week's Fifty Linden Friday has really impressed me with all the cute furniture releases that are available for 50L!  In fact, I'm going to rush this post a bit so that it goes up before Saturday, so that those of you who haven't been out shopping yet can see what you're missing.  The first big news is that the store is teaming up with Floorplan on a new line of home decor, and from what I've seen so far, it looks great!  The entry table and assorted decor is on special for FLF, and comes in at a modest 4LI.  Now, I'm not sure what's going on with all the book-themed furniture lately, but being an avid reader myself, I approve of this trend!  The cute book shelf frames are a FLF item by .lame, and the spool book table and book lamp are both on sale for FLF at Floorplan's main store. Make sure you go buy all this cute stuff before midnight tonight!

I love this rabbit hoodie by u.f.o., but I wanted to pair it up with something other than the skirt it came with. I've been wanting this lace-edged skirt by NuDoLu for a while, and I thought they looked super cute together. Fair warning, though - it's extremely challenging to find hair that fits under this hoodie.  I ended up just going with some bangs and a hairbase to mimic the look of a tucked in ponytail, but that's because I was being a perfectionist and didn't want any hair sticking out through the hoodie at all.  If you're less picky than me, then you may be able to use a wider variety of hair styles underneath it. It's a cute enough ensemble that I didn't mind having to go with a somewhat plainer hairstyle.

The poses (except for the chair) are a new set by my friend Nati, available at her store Imeka. Go get them!  Soooo cute!

Happy weekend, friends!