Thursday, June 28, 2012

Look 39: Monochrome Night

Look 39:

SKIN: *MY UGLYDOROTHY | Serah04 (Burly) | 
EYES [MESH]: Anara | Custom Eyes | 
HAIR: Vive Nine | Poland Highlander Bun - Dirty Blonde (Rooted) |
LIPS: PIDIDDLE | LipColor - Glossy Gold Digger | 
LASHES: Beetlebones | Mesh Lashes V1.0 - Uptown Black | 
EYELINER: Vive Nine  | Shure Shocker Thick Eyeliner - Barbie |
COLLAR: PIDIDDLE | Necklature - Pink Sequin | ZPC Gift | 
RING RIGHT: LaGyo | Famous Lady Ring - Whtie | 
RING LEFT: LaGyo | BonBon Ring - Gold (Color-change) | past TDR |
EARRINGS: LaGyo | Alice Earrings (Color-change | Fairy Tales 2012 |
SUNGLASSES: Shade Throne | I-Rawk - Black 2 | 
CLUTCH: Fleshtone | Goo PVC Clutch - Black | 
BOOTS: Leverocci | Suede OTK Boots - Charcoal | 
DRESS [PARTIAL MESH]: RaMa RoWanberry | Cross the Line Dress - White | Fl.Friday
VEST [MESH]: Seymour | Hulst Vest - Garden Red | 10L - Story Opening Special |
POSES: Le Poppycock | "Cocky" Set |

SKYBOX: A:S:S: | Purity Skybox | 10L Promo Special
CHAIR: Tatty Soup | Junebug Chair |


I'm feeling quite the urbanista as the sun goes down in my city, so I've put together something a bit sleeker and more polished than my usual fare.  I've been taking advantage of some of the great sales going on around the grid; not just the usual weeklies like Fi.Fridays and TDR, but also Vive Nine's hair sale and Leverocci's store-wide sale.  Not sure how much longer those two are going on, but might as well get in there now to pick up some goodies.  While poking around flickr I also found out about a new store opening, Seymour.  The owner only has a  few things out so far, but they're all cute and priced at only 10L as an opening special.  Go and give her some business!  I'm kind of obsessed with LaGyo's jewelry right now.  Everything she made for the Fairy Tales even is so gorgeous, I can't even.  I bought all of the pieces, and I'll be showing them off over the next few weeks.  This time it's the "Alice" earrings, which are color-changeable - my favorite!  Also, after realizing that I never buy eyes and only wear group-gift eyes or hunt eyes, I decided to invest in a set of fully customizable mesh eyes by Anara.  They come with a hud that allows you to choose from pre-made presets, or create your own, with a whole range of color options, reflections, sizes, and so forth.  You can get a demo on marketplace and try them out to see if they suit your needs.  So far I'm having a lot of fun creating my own colors!   

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Look 38: What's Eating Edie?

Look 38:

SKIN: Fashionably Dead | Bird Skin - Faded 1 | 
HAIR: D!va | Hair "Naomi" - Topaz | Group Gift | 
EYES: IKON | Summer | Group Gift | 
MAKEUP: Fashionably Dead | Sedgwick Brows + Makeup | June C88 |
CLUTCH: Aleida | Greta Fashion Clutch | (Store Closed) | 
EARRINGS: Aledia | Yelva Earrings - Sunrise | (Store Closed) | 
RING: Finesmith | Seeing Colors - Ring OPY | Summer Hunt Item - Group Only |
NECKLACE: Paper Couture | Amethyst Bead Necklace | 
TIGHTS: Izzie's | Tights Abstract Zebra | 
SHOES: Kyoot | Platform Wedges - Orange | 
TOP: Ladies Who Lunch | Tuxedo Jumpsuit 2 | 
SKIRT [MESH]: The Sea Hole | Lichtenstein (Mesh) Skirt - Punch | June C88 |
POSES: Label Motion |

SKYBOX: Cheeky Pea | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) |
SOFA, COFFEE TABLE, POSTER, PAINTING CIGARETTE, MARTINI: POST | Haarlem Deco Set (except for the poster and painting | 


I don't really know much about Edie Sedgwick other than minor details of her exciting and tragic life (and death), and what clips of her I've seen in Poor Little Rich Girl.  It's easy to see why Andy Warhol was fascinated by her, though - for someone in the 60s, she seems incredibly modern and *now*.   While she's definitely not someone to really look UP to, she's also not someone you can easily look away from.  So as I'm channeling Edie here I've got the characteristic drawn-in eyebrows by Toast Bard, but gave myself an up-do instead of Edie's choppy locks.  A lot of 60s fashion seems to pair up bright, eye-popping prints with stark black and/or white, so I've put this summery skirt by The Sea Hole together with a more structured, tux-style body suit.  The skybox is a group gift by Cheeky, and it has the loveliest texture and shadows, making it the perfect little photo studio.  Furniture and decor all by POST - love, love it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Look 37: Tastes Like Cherry

Look 37:

SKIN:  The Sugar Garden | Lumiere B - Sophistication |
EYES:  IKON | Sunrise Eyes - Summer | Past Group Gift | 
HAIR [MESH]: [DECO] | Mesh Hers Pigtails - Blaze | Past FLF Item | 
BROWS: The Sugar Garden | Innocent Brow - Brown | 
RING: Sweet Leonard | Striped Bow Ring - Rose | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) |
NECKLACE: [Glow] Studios | Ruffle Flower Necklace - Wisteria | Fairy Tales 2012
EARRINGS: [North West ] | Chunky Hearts Medium - Color Change | 
BRACELET: MIAO | Madeline Pearl Ribbon Bracelet - Color Change | 
BELT: Toki-Doki | Flower Belt - Rose |
GLASSES [MESH]:  Mad Mesh | Mad Nerd Glasses - White | 
SOCKS: B!ASTA | Strapped Socks - Aqua | Xyroom Event | 
SHOES [MESH]: {u.f.o.} | Pikko Pikko Loafer - Yellow |
INNER TOP: Sn@tch | Cropped Tux Top - White |
OUTER TOP [MESH]: {u.f.o.} | Indian Summer Vest | SGB Summer Festa |
SKIRT: C'est la vie! | A-line Fit Flare Skirt - Plain Lilac |
POSES: Croire | Various | 

FENCE: Glitterati
HOUSE: Zigana | Bilj | 
ART: Thistle | Vintage Carnival Art | Zombie Popcorn Carnival
COTTON CANDY PROP:  Gilly Wycliffe | Yay! Cotton Candy! | Just 1L!


There are so many fashion-related events and salde going on in SL right now that I keep spending all my in-world time shopping instead of taking pictures.  At this point I have a pretty big back-log of looks to blog about, and items from all the different festivals and events are pretty much scattered in throughout.  Meanwhile, I also picked up a few things I've been coveting; mainly, this cute skin by The Sugar Garden.  I've been wanting some "tanner" looking skins for a while, and I love the lips and freckles on this one.  I also like that it comes with a eyebrow-less version, so that you can buy separate eyebrows like the "innocent" ones I'm wearing here - it's interesting how much eyebrows can change the whole look of the face, eh?  Another item featured here that I am MAD pleased with is the mesh glasses I'm wearing.  These come in a pack of 12, with both solid colors and checkered, and all designs are tintable.  They're also a complete steal for only 9L on marketplace!  

That's it for now - see you tomorrow with some new looks! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Look 36: Pop Art Peggy

Look 36:

SKIN: Fashionably Dead | Bird Skin - Faded |
HAIR: Love Soul | Hair *093* - Black | 
EYES: Insufferable Dastard | Gem Eyes in Sunset | Past Gift | 
MAKEUP: Fashionably Dead | Moffat Brows + Makeup | June C88 |
NECKLACE: Paper Couture | Simplicity | 
BRACELETS: Erratic | Twisted Bracelets - Recolorable | 
EARRINGS: [North West] | Sissi Square Hoops Medium - Recolorable | 
TIGHTS: Izzie's | Tights Half Sheer Inside | 
SHOES: R2 | Nohea - White | Past C88 | 
TOP: Kyoot | Mila Bodysuit - Electric Mod | June C88 
SHORTS [MESH]: Jane | Shorts - Gingham, Black | On Sale (soon to be discontinued) | 
POSES/FRAME PROPS: Everglow | Free! |


This is the second of my 60s fashion icon looks, inspired by the makeup Toast Bart made for the latest cycle of Collabor88.  I'm channeling Peggy Moffat here, who was a huge inspiration to designers and, perhaps, the glam rock movement.  I actually have no evidence of this, but her eye makeup was so glam, before glam rock was even a thing, so who knows?  This is definitely more of a "studio" look than a real-world look, but it's still a lot of fun.  I was kind of going for a "human Mondrian painting" thing.  I'm really obsessed with the store Love Soul right now... their hair isn't mesh or particularly "natural" looking, but it's really adorbs and is ideal for more stylized looks.  I also love their gatches and food items... I could just wander around in that place for quite a while, especially when it's so hot out that I don't want to leave the house.  Stay cool, everyone!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Look 35: Keep It Clean

Look 35:
SKIN: Mother Goose's | Cookie - SGB  |  Gift at SGB Summer Festa
HAIR [MESH]: Wasabi Pills | Alice Mesh Hair - Chocolate Mint |  Recent FLF Special | 
EYES: Insufferable Dastard | Gem Eyes in Sunset | Past Gift | 
LIPS: Pididdle | Hypergloss - Flossy Teeth | Gift at NYC Store Opening | 
NECK TATTOO: Duboo | Cloud's Tear Tattoo | 
BRACELET: Sweet Temptations | Xiena Bracelet (part of set) | Gift at Summer Fashion Festival |
NECKLACE: [Glow] Studio | Plume Collar Gold - Color Change | Past TDRB |
RING: LaGyo | BonBon Ring - Color Change | Current TDR
SUNGLASSES: Steinwerk | Heart II Glasses - Color Change | Free on Marketplace! |
SOCKS: Doppleganger Inc |  Button Me Up Socks - Frozen Pond Set - Off-white | 
SHOES [MESH]: Toki-Doki | Surmire Flats - Nature  |
CARDIGAN [MESH]: Toki-Doki | Summer Nights | 
DRESS [MESH] and BIKINI: Bonne Chance | Song of the Sea - Blue | Available at Korea Cafe B4 Horror Event |
POSES: Label Motion

BATH, SHEETS, AND BATH ACCESSORIES: Boathouse | "Glamping" Set | Available at Home & Garden Designer Warehouse
BIG PLANTS:  Funky Junk | SOM Gift | 
LITTLE PLANTS: {ililo} | Seedling | 


"Glamping," aka glamorous camping, isn't something I've tried before, but it's probably the only kind of camping I could put up with.  I went to a hard-core rough and tough camp as a kid (no plumbing whatsoever!) and it scarred me for life, I'm afraid.  This cute outdoor bath set is a Boathouse creation that is brand new at the Home & Garden Designer Warehouse.  It includes privacy sheets, towels, mirror, bathing products, a lamp, and some other bits and bobs.  It also has lots of poses for both singles and couples, and rezzable props, like a book, a wine glass, etc.  Since my SL house doesn't actually have a bathroom, I figured that I could put one up on the rooftop patio.  Every pixel girl needs a place to cool off on a hot day, right?  I also wanted to mention that these sunglasses are an amazing Marketplace deal - completely free and they're color change, too!  I know I'm not the only one who picked up this Wasabi Pills hair last Friday - isn't it cute?  Aside from the style being adorbs, I think the colors and textures are extremely well done.  WP is fast becoming one of my favorite places to shop for hair.  As for the new Fifty Linden Fridays - I wasn't a part of SL the last time this event went on, but I'm certainly not complaining about it's return!  Fridays have become my big day to blow lindens in SL, haha.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Look 34: January Victim

Look 34:

SKIN: Kooqla | Ojen - Sunner 03 | 
HAIR: Clawtooth | Modern Gibson - Coffee With Cream | 
EYES: IKON | Utopia Eyes - Light Silver + Blue | Group Gift | 
NECK TATTOO: Juicy Box | Black Bow | 
SHOULDER TATTOO: Cysleek | Shoulder Tattoo Red | Old Hunt Item |
HAIR ORNAMENTS: {nestle my bosom} | Little Bone Wing - Hair Piece | Store Closing Soon - Everything on Sale for 25L! |
BRACELET RIGHT: [DDL] | Faith Bracelet | Group Gift | 
BRACELET LEFT: The Sea Hole | Parisian Bangles Pearl | 
RING: Sn@tch | Darkness Ring | Swag from Culture Shock | 
EARRINGS: Finesmith | Empty Shell Earring | Past Group Hunt Item | 
TIGHTS: Izzie's | Tights Torn | 
SOCKS: Bonne Chance | Mico Lace Socks (cuffs only) | Free!
SHOES [MESH]: Toki-Doki | Surmire Flats - Cherry |
TOP: Whippet and Buck | Elisa Day Bodysuit - Rosy | 
SKIRT [MESH]: House of Fox | Color.Me.H.O.F. My Cross Skirt | TDRB Item | 
POSES: Croire | "Show Off Your Bling" | 

SKYBOX: Vespertine | Hidden Place - Head in the Clouds | Gatcha | 
STOOL:  Ililo | Stool | Midnight Dream Event | Only 1L! |
SKULLS: {theosophy} | Steer Horns - Black/Bone | 
ART/SCULPTURE: Nordari | And Birds | Free! | 
APPLE PROP/POSE: Uncertain Smile | Apple Offering Set | 


Crosses seem to be quite the thing in fashion at the moment - at least in SL.  In RL, I admit I still most often see them on nuns or Lady Gaga, but they are definitely a hot trend in SL.  This skirt by House of Fox is the first "cross" themed item I've bought, aside from actual cross necklaces, that is!  For some reason, I wanted to challenge myself to pair the skirt with something soft and romantic.  I actually really like the result, and have decided to call this "edgy meets romantic" look shabbygoth.  Think "black and crosses and skulls" meet "flowers and lace and peeling paint."   I'm now itching to decorate a whole shabbygoth house, in fact. This skirt is only available for another day or so, since TDRB will change out again on Friday, so get it while you can!  I'm also loving these new shoes from much so that I actually fat-packed them.  They're versatile enough to be used in a dressy or casual outfit, so what's not to love?  

These pictures also have me REALLY excited for that upcoming Fairy Tale themed event.  Eeee, can't wait!  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Look 33: Bookish Brigitte

Look 33:

SKIN: Fashionably Dead | Bird Skin - Faded 1 |
HAIR: LeLutka | Brigette Hair - Glucose | 
EYES: IKON | Sunrise Eyes - Light Arabian Blue | Group Gift | 
MAKEUP: Fashionably Dead | Bardo Brows + Makeup + Teeth | June C88 |
RING: Beauty Code | Butterfly Ring | SGB Summer Festa Gift
NECKLACE: {I <3 FashiOn} | Unusual Flower Necklace | Old Creativevent | 
HEADBAND : Tram | Chain Headband - Black | In-store Hunt Item | 
BOW COLLAR [MESH]: ::FEED:: | iRawk Bow Collar | Part of 10L Promo Sweater on Marketplace |
SOCKS: Maitreya | Moxie Over Knees | 
SHOES: *Tea Time* | Ballerina Shoes - Orange/Gray | Group Gift | 
TOP: {u.f.o.} | (part of) Bashful Gypsophila Dress - Coral | 
SKIRT [MESH]: Whippet and Buck | June Mesh Skirt - Seagrass | June C88
POSES: Label Motion 

SKYBOX: [DECO] | John Holmes Skybox | The Mens Dept
BOOKCASE: Nik Naks | Wonkey Shelves | 
BOOKS and FILES: MMGrafitti's |
CANDLE: Abiss Interior | SOM Gift |


I love 60s fashion - or I love the look of it, at least, because when I find a 60s dress in a thrift shop and touch that scratchy, not so much, maybe.  Since the "Shindig"-themed Collabor pays homage to 60s-70s fashion, I decided that I would, too.  Scattered out over the next few weeks, I'll be showing four looks inspired by the 60s fashion icons that Toast Bard's (fashionably dead) C88 makeup sets refer to: Brigitte Bardot, Peggy Moffitt, Edie Sedgwick, and Twiggy. My goal isn't to make myself over to look like them exactly - I'm just attempting to capture the essence of them.

Unfortunately, Brigitte Bardot's essence is reportedly very racist, but mine isn't, so with this look you get the Bardot hair and makeup, but none of the controversy.  I've actually had this LeLutka hair in my inventory for quite some time and didn't know when I would ever get around to using it, even though I love the look of it, so thanks, Collabor, for giving me the opportunity.  The Whippet and Buck skirt is their first mesh release, and it's really, really well-made.  Fully-lined, and by that I mean not just "not invisible" on the inside, but actually filled out with texture so that your invisible alpha doesn't show when you sit down.  I'm really excited about the possibility of more releases from them that are like this!  As for the necklace - I know I recently blogged it, but hey, it's the perfect 60s necklace.  Quite by coincidence (I think), this skybox by DECO has out at the Men's Dept and provides the perfect backdrop for any swingin' retro look.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Look 32: Soft Power

Look 32:

SKIN: KOOQLA | Ojen - Sunner 03 | 
HAIR: Wasabi Pills | Kumi Pony Mesh Hair - Orchid |
EYES: IKON | Utopia Eyes - Light Silver+Blue | Group Gift | 
LIPSTICK: PIDIDDLE | Hypergloss - FuschiaFusion Teeth |
WRIST TATTOO:  AITUI | We Knew It Was Time To Leave |
SCARF: {u.f.o} | Sofung Scarf - Blackdot | Gatcha | 
NECKLACE: Rezlpsa Loc | Skeleton Cameo - Heavy (Neon) | Chic 2 Birthday Event |
RING: GoK | Arrow Ring Turqoise | 
BAG: [Glow] Studio | My Pride Bag - Silver+Black | TDR Item | 
SHOES: Lethal Couture | Starwalk Platform - Dark Cyan | 
LEGGINGS: Factorie Couture | Leggings Mercury 1 |
DRESS [MESH]: Vanguard | Obsession Dress | Chic 2 Birthday Event |
POSES: Lumiere | "Serenity" set | 

HOUSE: Zigana | Bilj | 
SOFA [MESH]: Trompe Loeil | NYC66 Couch - Light Blue | June C88  
LIGHTS [MESH]: Trompe Loeil | NYC66 Artichoke Lamps - Pearl | June C88 |


As you can see, I now have a house to decorate - it's not the latest release by Zigana, but it does feature my biggest weakness: texture-change walls!  I'm a sucker for anything texture-change, in fact.  I'm very excited about having land, but probably will keep the house mostly empty for now, picking up items that are new releases as they come out.  Mesh furniture is still emerging, so I think we can all expect some really exciting things down the road.  This enormous mid-century sofa (by Trompe Loeil) is for the latest collabor88, and it blows my mind that it's only 5 prims!  The lights are also by TL, and I believe they're one prim a piece.  I'm also wearing a brand new skin by Kooqla - I love the dramatic hand-painting on it.  I don't think it goes with every kind of outfit out there, but I love it with more romantic, couture-ish looks.  Dress and necklace are from Chic 2, which is still going on - time is running out to pick up some goodies, though, so be sure to get down there while the lag is minimal. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Look 31: Colour Me In

Look 31:

SKIN: JeSyLiLo | Kitty - Pale Skin J3 (teeth) | 
EYES: IKON | Horizon Eyes - Light Grenada | Group Gift | 
HAIR [MESH]: Wasabi Pills | Cherilyn Mesh Hair - Seafoam | 
LASHES: Cheap Makeup | Tableau Lashes | Free!| | 
HEADBAND: Sweet Leonard | Dove Headband - Caramel | 
NECKLACE: LaGyo | Paisley Necklace - Black | Old TDR Item | 
GLOVES: The Secret Store | Fine Gloves - Candy Pink | 
PURSE: Toki-Doki | Teapot Bag - Orange | 
SHOES/SOCKS: Maitreya | Maitreya Gold Moxie - Coal | 
CAPE: The Sea Hole | The Hunted Capelet - Foggy Hollow | 
TOP: RaMa RoWanberry | (part of) Here I Come Dress - Green 2 | 
SHORTS [MESH]: Crash Republic | Silk Floral Shorts - Peach | 
POSES: Croire | Various | 
LOCATION: Happy Mood


Giant rabbits, fancy-lady gloves, mesh hair, and bird accessories are all things that make me very happy, and so does this outfit.  Seemed like the perfect thing to wear to the whimsical Happy Mood store!  I only just noticed just now the very amateur mistake I made in the first photo: my purse strap is clipping through my torso!   That's okay... have a very happy Sunday, and a very Happy Father's day, if you're in the states. :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Look 30: Flowers of Carnage

Look 30:

SKIN: Mother Goose's | Sarang | Bombi Spring Rain Dollarbie | 
HAIR: AY.LinE | Re-Nobara (Mousse") | 
EYES: IKON | Sunrise Eyes - Summer | Old Group Gift | 
LASHES: Cheap Makeup | Tableau Lashes | Free! | 
RING: Finesmith | Massive Gems Ring | Summer Hunt Item (over) | 
BRACELET: Sweet Leonard | Luna Bangles | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) | 
HEADBANDS: Nylon Outfitters | Yellow Rose and Pink Rose | 
SOCKS: Maitreya | Moxie Over-Knee Socks - Cerulean | 
SHOES: Tee*fy | Color Blocking Wedges | TDR Item | 
VEST: SoManyStyles | Feathers Vest Neon 2 | 
TOP: PiCHi | Skull Shirt - Pale | 
SKIRT: Glam Affair | Lola Skirt - Champagne | 
POSES: Long Awkward Pose

SKYBOX: Kosh | Tender Sugar Sky Box | 
SOFA: LISP | Boho Sofa - Texture Change | 10L in Discount Garden | 
CANDLE: Abiss Interior | Black Candle | SOM gift | 
RUG: Zigana | Rug Yastik |


As you can see, I felt like putting together something a little theatrical; the end result reminds me a tiny bit of kabuki theater.  Goth kabuki?  I dunno.. I'm doing a lot of goth-mashups lately, as you'll see in some future looks.  It's interesting, though, because the more fashion blogs I look at, the more I see that in most cases (but not all), people all have their own distinct style, and they tend to be pretty consistent about putting together looks that reflect that style  Some people long long nails and tattoos and have them in every look; some people prefer to blog only casual clothes (the sort of thing someone might wear in real life); and then there's of course those who do total high couture.  I'm not really sure where I fit in along the spectrum.  All I know is that I like trying new things, so you're probably not going to get much consistency from me.  ;)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Look 29: If I Had A Heart

Happy Monday, readers!  After a week full of RL activities with friends, I'm back with another look.  Let's get on with it, shall we?

Look 29:

SKIN: Fashionably Dead | Bird Skin - Faded 1 | 
EYES: The Stringer Mausoleum | Serial Pierce Eyes - Petals | Old Hunt Item | 
HAIR [MESH]: Wasabi Pills | Anais Hair - Rye | 
MAKEUP: La Malvada Mujer | In Color #5 |
FEATHERS: Plank Couture | Crow Feather Headdress | 
TATTOO: Plank Couture | Crow Feather Upper |
BRACELET: Finesmith | Playcube Bracelet - Colorchange | Finesmith Summer Hunt (group only - fee to join) |
RING: Finesmith | Cougar Ring | May Gift - Free! |
NAILS: Mother Goose's | Nails - Yellow | Old Group Gift | 
BAG: Bukka | Leather Bag | Free! |
SOCKS: House of Fox | Lazy Boy Socks - White | 
SHOES [MESH]: Fashionably Dead  Bowie Heels - Sand | 
STOLE/JACKET: HANDverk | Red Fox Arm Fur | 
TOP: Priss | Savvy Tube Top - Grass | (store has closed) |
PANTS: *Tea Time* | Fashion Pant - Green | 
POSES: Baffle! | Various | 
LOCATION: Arab Courtesy | 


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm a wee bit uncomfy with using Native American paraphernalia as fashion statement, and in RL I don't think I would do so.  However, this is second life, and compared to how some people dress, this is pretty harmless.  It doesn't help that I adore feathers and beads and all that fun stuff. I also wouldn't wear fur in RL, but this one-armed stole from HandVERK is so well made and lovely... and seeing as it's only made of pixels, cruelty free, too. :)  I was trying to put together something pastel and feminine but with an edge of rawness, a little undertone of wildness.  Hopefully I succeeded!  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Look 28: Razzle Dazzle Rose

Look 28:

SKIN: Mother Goose's | Moran - Lucky Board | Bombi Spring Rain LB | 
HAIR: Bonne Chance | Bombi Event Lotus Hair - Purple | Bombi Spring Rain LB | 
EYES: Insufferable Dastard | Gem Eyes in Sunset | April Group Gift | 
LASHES: Cheap Makeup | Tableau Lashes | Free! |
LIPS: La Malvada Mujer | Kiki #2 - Lips | 
NECKLACE: {I <3 FashiOn} | Unusual Flower Necklace - Colorchange | Creativevent
BRACELETS: [Glow] Studio] | Aztec Bracelets - Gold | 
CLUTCH: Priss | Oversize Coin Purse | Store closed :( | 
SOCKS:  Bonne Chance  Mico Lace Socks | 
SHOES [MESH]: Toki-Doki | Queen Boots | Old Group Gift (fee to join) |
LEGGINGS: GATO | Steampunk Leggings |
VEST [MESH]: RaMa RoWanberry | Denim Raw Edge Waistcoast | FLFriday |
TOP: {u.f.o.} | (part of) Not So Much Like Ballet - Pink | 
SKIRT [MESH]: {u.f.o.} | Andeande Highwaist Skirt | Group Gift | 
POSES: -no wow- | "Ces't La Vie" |
LOCATION: Bombi Spring Rain |


If you haven't been to the Korean Event, "Bombi Spring Rain" yet, then you have about another week to do so - I believe it ends June 15.  It's a cute little sim with Korea-based creators showing off their goods.  There are also some very nice freebies/dollarbies, including a skin from Mother Goose, hair decorations from Bonne Chance and U.F.O., and more that I'm probably forgetting!  There are also some great lucky boards, which is where I snagged the skin and hair I'm wearing here.  I thought the flower necklace from the current Creativevent was a perfect match for the hair decorations; the necklace is also color-change.  It's a great accessory, and makes me sad that I <3 Fashion will be closing.  There's also quite a few denim vests that have been released in the past week or so.  I like this one by Rama Rowanberry because it's relatively simple and versatile.  I've also got a couple group gifts on; I love the shape of this U.F.O. skirt and hope she releases more!  And Toki-Doki's group gifts are always  fantastic.  There is a fee to join, but it's completely worth it.  

Might not be posts for a few days, but we'll see.  If not...have a safe and enjoyable weekend! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Look 27: Asleep on a Sunbeam

Look 27:

SKIN: JeSyLiLo | Kitty - *PaleSkin*J3*BT | 
EYES: Insufferable Dastard | Gem Eyes in Sunset | April Group Gift | 
HAIR [MESH]: >TRUTH< | Jessie w/Roots - Strawberry | Subscriber Gift |
LASHES: Cheap Makeup | Tableau Lashes |Free! |
RING: Flowey | "Light as a Feather" Ring | 
BRACELET: IZUMIYA | Ball Bracelet | Free! | 
HAIR ORNAMENT: ::XX:: | Millinery Fascinator - Golden Egg Trio | Dollarbie |
NAILS: Izzie's | Spring/Summer 2012 Classic Nails | 
BELT: Ingenue | Traveler Belt - Granite | 
BOOTS [MESH]: Maitreya | Jazz Boots - Snow | 
INNER SHIRT 1: Nylon Outfitters | Sheer Floral Henley - White | 
INNER SHIRT 2: The Sea Hole | Daydream Blouse - Green Tea | May C88 |
JACKET: Toki-Doki | Bow Bowlero - Honey | 
SKIRT [MESH]: Priss | Lee Skirt Print #1 | Store Closed :( |
POSES: Long Awkward Pose | "Hairy Situation" | 
LOCATION: Neva River


Having just previously posted a photoshoot from the Neva River sim, I had to go back and explore some more.  Urgh, it's so gorgeous, and the perfect backdrop, I thought, for a more romantic, nature-y look.  So yes, I took more pictures there despite the fact that I only recently posted some!  This is also my last post with a Collabor88 item from the current May cycle, which will end very very soon, so if you haven't gotten everything you wanted from there yet, be sure to go by tomorrow.  Priss is a store that just closed, quite quickly and without much announcement.  I always liked the stuff there, so I picked up a few things on sale before the doors were shut for good; this skirt is one of my finds.  One of the neat things I found on the Neva River sim was a hammock with poses that I think might be the same one that Cheeky Pea sold at Collabor88 (see pic below).  What a fun piece of funiture... and, unfortunately, it only makes my desire to decorate a house even stronger.  One of these days...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Look 26: Some Lace and Paper Flowers

Look 26:

SKIN: *MY UGLYDOROTHY | Skin Addiction Special | 
EYES: IKON | Horizon Eyes v2 - Light Grenada | June Group Gift |
HAIR: YHS | Black Hair Drew Pink (plus hair base tattoo) | @ Current Creativevent
ARM CUFF: Zaara | Nizam Bajubandh - Color | On Sale Now! |
NECKLACE: *Tea Time* | Flower Necklace | @ Current Grunge Soul Project
RING: Finesmith | Seeing Colors Ring - OPY | Finesmith Summer Hunt (group only - fee to join) |
EARRING: [Glow] Studio | Old Clara Gold Earrings | past TDR | 
EAR CUFFS: HANDverk | Cylinder Ear Hooks - Bronze | 
BRACELET: IZUMIYA | Ball Bracelet | Free! |
BAG: Needful Things | Lonely Big Bag | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) |
SHOES [MESH]: Toki-Doki | Destiny Loafers - Summer | 
INNER SHIRT: RaMa RoWanberry | Foil Metallic Lace Bodysuit | @ Current Creativevent
OUTER SHIRT [MESH]: RaMa RoWanberry | Edda Lace Scoop Tank - Coral | @ Javachip Sunday
SKIRT: C'est La Vie! | Summer Long Skirt - Flowers |  @ Current Creativevent | 
POSES: Croire | "Pins and Needles" |


So, I am not exaggerating when I say I love, love, love this look and have no desire to take it off any time soon.  I love the gypsy-ish, boho way that it came together.  This look features a lot of items from the current Creativevent Room, so be sure to take advantage of the great finds there before they switch everything out and get new stuff. :)  Zaara is also having a 50% off sale, so I went a little crazy buying jewelry that I had been coveting for some time.  I might have to go back and get more - so pretty and versatile.  I'm also a huge convert over to HANDverk's jewelery, which is all very unique and exquisitely made.  They also carry some very cool home decor items.  It all rather makes me wish I wasn't a homeless avi and had a spot of land where I could build and properly decorate.  Ah well, perhaps someday...

Let's have one more look at that jewelry, eh? 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Looks 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, & 25: I'm on the Hunt I'm After You

Well hello all!  As you might see from the title of the post, this is going to be a bit picture-heavy, as I have SIX, yes SIX, looks to blog about today.  My photographs and stylecards will also be formatted a bit differently.  Basically, I decided to give myself a hunt-related challenge.  There's tons of great hunts going on right now, some of which will be ending soon.  The most recent one I participated in was the Mesh Around Hunt, which was probably the most entertaining I've done yet.  There were so many people chatting and hunting at each location, and even though very few people outright cheated, it was fun to give each other hints.  After the hunt, I was sorting through my inventory and realized that sometimes I don't put hunt gifts to very good use.  Because they're free/cheap, and because I didn't actually pick them out myself, sometimes they linger in my inventory forever - not because I don't like them, but because I don't feel particularly pressured to use them (as opposed to something I've been longing for and have spent well-earned Lindens on).

So, I decided to issue myself a challenge: How many outfits could I put together using nothing but Hunt items?  These six looks are the result, and use items from the Mesh Around Hunt, the Men Only Hunt, the Finesmith Summer Hunt (group members only - fee to join), and the Drafted Hunt.  

I did give myself a little leeway in using some accessories and makeup that were non-hunt items.  I tried to keep these as cheap as possible, though.  I'm not convinced that all of these looks are spectacular, but I still had a great time putting them together.  It was really challenging to put together unique looks with a smallish pool of items, but I much enjoyed it.  I'd be interested in seeing what other people come up with, if they decide to try out a similar challenge. 

So, let's take a look, shall we?  

Look 20:

| Hair - Alice Project | Eyes - Mayfly | Top/Dress - Happy Undead | Skirt - Evolve | 
| Boots - GoS | Necklace - [Aura] | 

| Travel Bag | Kosh Bracelet |

| Skin - JeSyLilo May Group Gift | 

Look 21:

| Hair - Ploom | Eyes - Mayfly | Lashes - Maimai | Ring - Sleeping Koala | Dress - 22769 | 

 | Riri Robe Necklace | Peach Nectar Bracelet | Bead Belt Milk Agat | 

| Shoes - Pixel Mode Fae Wedges - Subscriber Gift | 
| Skin - Mothergoose Bombi Luckyboard | 

Look 22:

| Eyes - Mayfly | Valentina E - Dress and Bra | Hair Base - Discord Designs |
| Ring - Handverk | Boots - [SAKIDE] |

| Kosh Necklace | Bless Earrings | 

| Hair - MONS | 

| Tights - Le Poppycock (gatcha) | Skin - MY UGLYDOROTHY Bombi Luckyboard |

Look 23:

| Hair - Discord Designs | Eyes - Mayfly | Outer Shirt - Pirate Arts | Boots - Leverocci | 
| Clutch - [Echo] | Lashes - Maimai | Skirt - <Geometry> | Bangles - Sleeping Koala |

| Let It Drop Earrings | 

Headband - {u.f.o.} Bombi Dollarbi | Inner Shirt - Nylon Outfitters Frenchie Top (April C88) | 
| Skin - MY UGLYDOROTHY Bombi Luckyboard | 

Look 24:

| Hair - Alice Project | Eyes - Mayfly | Jeans - BUID | 

| Shirt - LooP | Shoes - Retro | Glasses - [CheerNo] | 

| Bag - AZOURY | 

 | Bunny Headphones - PSYCHO.Byts | Lips - [mock] freebie | 
| Skin - JeSyLilo May Group Gift | 

Look 25:

| Hair - Discord Designs | Eyes - Mayfly | Skirt - Intrepid | Necklace - Izzie's | 
| Tank - Apple May Designs | Pocket Bag - Pepper |

| Shoes - Retro |  Sunglasses - Shadz |

| Bracelet - [DDL] Group Gift | Earrings, Ring, Headband - FZaPP Subscriber Gifts |
| Tights - Tee*fy @ TDR | Lips - [mock] Freebie | 
| Skin - JeSyLilo May Group Gift | 

And there you have it!  It just goes to show that someone can have a very diverse free wardrobe, if they are so inclined.  I'd be interested to know what looks people feel were most "successful" (if any, haha), and if you try this challenge out yourself, I'd love to see what you come up with.  Oh, and forgive me for not providing SLURLs and TPs, like I usually do.  It was just toooo much work.  If you want to know how to get somewhere or find something, leave a comment. :) 

Thanks so much to the creators and hunt organizers!  All poses I used were from Long Awkward Pose, the "Hairy Situation set."