Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look 16: After Every Party I Die

Look 16:

SKIN: *My UGLYDOROTHY - Serah Base (Burly) |
EYES: IKON | Sunrise Eyes - Summer (M) | Group Gift |
HAIR [MESH]: Fashionably Dead | Daydream Hair - Blonde 7 | May C88 |
EYELINER: La Malvada Mujer | Lou Lou a L'ecole |
LIPSTICK: PIDIDDLE | Hyperlip - Hot Pants | Group Gift |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth |
TATTOO: The Sea Hole | Deco Cap Sleeve Lotus Tattoo 1 |
GLOVES: [Glow] Studio | Gloves Duo Tone - Gold Cekins/Black |
HEADBAND: {u.f.o.} | Goodbye Baby - A-6 | Gatcha |
NECKLACE 1: MIAO | Vinnie Italian Horn Necklace |
NECKLACE 2: FZaPP | Necklace Roma Black | Group Gift |
STOCKINGS: Doppelganger inc. | Knocked Up Knee Socks - Black | 
SHOES: Fashionably Dead | Bowie Heels - Polkadot 2 |
INNER TOP: JANE | Intrinsic Tank - Charcoal | Free! |
OUTER TOP [MESH]: [Chloe] | Vest Lace Style 2 - Yellow | 
SKIRT[MESH]: So Many Styles | High Waist Skirt Sequin Gold | 
POSES: Lumiere | Pin-up Pose Set |
LOCATION: Kowloon |


This is the kind of outfit you wear when you want to go out with your friends and be crazy.  And you end up at a party where you mix spicy vodka with cranberry juice by accident, but you drink it anyway because hey, it's a party!  And then you drink too much and you end up knocking the hostesses coat rack over.  And then you walk home with your friends and you run across the ice in your ridiculous platform shoes and boom! you fall over.  And you've sprained your ankle and you're crying and you can't move and your friends are really, really annoyed with you.  And you end up passing out on your friend's couch, and in the middle of the night you have to crawl to the bathroom to puke because your ankle is killing you.  And your friend's bathroom floor is disgusting and oh god why are boy's so hairy?  And then you are sick and sick and sick.... but at least you know you looked cute. This is that kind of outfit. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Look 15: Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

Watch out for sprinklers!

Look 15:

SKIN: JeSyLiLo | Losy - Light Skin (Shiny) | 
EYES: Umeboshi | Yolo Eyes - Laugh | Yolo Hunt Prize |
HAIR: D!va | Vivienne - Type A (Rhodolite) | May C88
LASHES: Cheap Makeup | Babysitters Club Lashes | SOM Gift |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth | 
SHOES: Pelletteria Morrisey | Denim Clog Sandal | Free! |
BELT: Urbana | Knotted Belt (part of Ria Skirt ) | 
NECKLACE: Sweet Leonard | The Last Butterfly's Necklace | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) |
RING LEFT: Sweet Leonard | The Last Butterfly's Ring | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) | 
RING RIGHT: Nanan | Ring Butterfly | Gatcha | 
BRACELET: Sweet Leonard | Ethnic Bracelet - Rose | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) |
HEADBAND: fashionably dead | Daydream Flowers - White, Green Stems | May C88 |
BAG: !1mm*** | Kago Bag | Group Gift | 
SHIRT: TokiDoki | Tied Knot Shirt - Light | 
PANTS: TokiDoki | Rolled Chinos - Maya | Old Group Gift (fee to join) |
POSES: -nowow- | C'est la vie" Set for The Couturier's Docks
LOCATION: Two Moon Island  |


This is one of those outfits that I just kept adding more twee, summery things to: butterflies! flowers! baskets!  It might have gotten a tad out of control, but I think I look pretty cute just the same.  Sometimes you just have to embrace the cute overdoes and go with it. ;) 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Look 14: These Streets Will Never Look The Same

Look 14:

SKIN: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - Serah Base (Burly) |
EYES [MESH]: Umeboshi | Yolo Eyes - Love | Yolo Hunt Prize |
HAIR: [kik] | Hair Nina (rain mud) |
EYESHADOW: Cheap Makeup | Under Eyeshadow 11 | SOM gift |
LASHES:Cheap Makeup | Tableau Lashes | Free! |
LIPSTICK: [mock] | Lilac Prom Night Lip Balm | Free Tester! |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth |
HEADBAND and RING: [Glow] Studio| I'll Rock You Set (3 Colors) |
NAILS: PIDIDDLE | Manicure - Group Only Set | Group Gift |
BELT: Crash Republic | Looped Belt (Lime) |
BRACELET: Dark Mouse | Stain Glass Blues Bangles (Gold) |
BAG: {*I <3FashiOn*} | Bag Transgressive | Old Group Gift |
SHOES: Leverocci | Lace-up Wedges - Tux | @ The Warehouse |
TOP [MESH]: Maitreya | Silk Neck-tie Blouse - Eggplant |
SHORTS [MESH]: fashionably dead | Daydream Shorts (Navy + Ice Queen) | May C88 |
POSES: .:Y&R:. | set "everybody hates waiting" | Free! |
LOCATION: Tobacco Road |


As you can see, I'm still having too much fun pairing up tailored, traditional pieces (like the Maitreya blouse), with more edgy ones (spikes, booty shorts, etc.).  Somehow the look came out very 80s... or maybe this hairstyle just reminds me of Debbie Harry (bow!).  Also, I love under eyeshadow that goes ONLY under the eyes and this SOM gift from Cheap Makeup is the only one I've ever found.  I looked around the store for more and didn't find any. :(  Does anyone know if anyone else makes under-eyeshadow that's just colored shadow on the bottom lid?  Meep.  Do tell, if so.  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Look 13: Calm Go the Wild Seas

Look 13:

SKIN: JeSyLiLo | Losy - Light Skin (Shiny) | 
EYES [MESH]: Umeboshi | Yolo Eyes - Laugh | Yolo Hunt Prize |
HAIR: [kik] | Hair Lala Long (rain mud) |
LASHES: Cheap Makeup | Babysitters Club Lashes | SOM gift |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer| Lara Stone's Teeth |
NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc | Honeysuckle Pink Nails |
HAT: +9 | Kan Kan Hat - Dot | Free! |
NECKLACE: [Glow] Studio | Bird Pendant Necklace | Old Group Gift |
BRACELET: MIAO | Madeline Pearl Ribbon Bracelet |
BELT: Ricielli | RYNA Belt - Coral |
SHOES: Toki-Doki | Casual Sandals (Mint) | Old Group Gift (fee to join) |
BAG: Nanan | Leather Bag - Ocre | Dollarbie!
INNER TOP: The Sea Hole | | Shogun Top - Lychee 2 |
OUTER TOP [MESH]: E! Eclectic Apparel | Alice Tank - Dune | 
PANTS [MESH]: Fashionably Dead | Pleated Pants (Peach) | April C88 | 
POSES: Marukin - "Flight" | May C88
LOCATION: Nostos Deer


Now that it's almost-summer, many people might be thinking about travel and holidays.  I know I am - unfortunately, I may not get to do much travelling this summer.  Instead, I'll have to settle with some SL sight-seeing.  I was dressed for warm weather, as you can see, but when I arrived at the Nostos Deer lighthouse, it was lightly snowing.  I guess summer comes late to this Sim?  Luckily, pixel bods are immune to the cold. ;)  These pants are an older Collabor88 item and, to my knowledge, are no longer sold, which is too bad because I'm kind of a fan of high-waisted pants and am sort of regretting not buying another pair in a different color.  These Alice tank tops from E! make great layering items, though - have I mentioned I love layering?  I believe I have but it bears repeating: I love layers!  Despite the snow, Nostos Deer is a very pretty, peaceful Sim.  Nice place to take a SL holiday... 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Look 12: Sneak a Picture

Look 12:

SKIN: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - Serah04 (Burly) |
EYES: IKON | Sunrise Eyes - Summer (M) | Group Gift |
HAIR [MESH]: [BURLEY] | Zia I - Magnate 09 |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth |
NAILS: Izzie's  | Spring/Summer 2012 Classic Nails |
NECKLACE: RaMa RoWanberry | The Human Mind - Copper | 
BRACELET: [DDL] | Toca Para Mi | Group Gift |
HAT: [Sleepy Eddy] | Gatcha Hat - Black A |
SHOES: *G FIELD* | Strap Shoes "Alex: Patent Yellow | Culture Shock 2012 Gift | 
LEGGINGS: Fishy Strawberry | Lace Cycling Pants - Black | 
SHIRT: 1965 | Blaspheme Top - Orange |
SKIRT [MESH]: GATO | Graphic Skirt | old CreativeEvent |
POSES: Tram | set free for group members |


I have an unreasonable penchant for long, long mermaid hair, and now that we have mesh, we can have long mermaid hair that doesn't stab us through our pixel bods.  Good deal!  The hat doesn't sit on the hair/head quite right, but it wasn't resizable, so I decided I'd just live with it - what can I say, this seems like a "hat" kind of outfit.  I also finally got around to pairing up those cute G Field gift shoes with an outfit - only weeks after everyone else, too.  Oh well.  When I bought the shirt at 1965 to complete the outfit, I figured why not take the pictures right here in front of the store?  The communist statue makes me grin - is that Lenin I spy? 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Look 11: This Heart is a Stone

Look 11: 

SKIN: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - Alexis03 - Freckles (Salmon)
EYES: .Insufferable Dastard. | Gem Eyes in Sunset | April Group Gift | 
HAIR: Raw House | Lightning - LtBrown01 |
LIPSTICK:  [mock] | Nude Gaga (MAC inspired) | Free tester! |
EYESHADOW:  [mock]  Pandora's Gingersnaps and Champagne | Free Tester! |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth | 
NAILS: Virtual Insanity | Black Camo Nails | Drafted Hunt Item | 
NECKLACE: Rask Lionheart | Voltai Siba Black Necklace |
BRACELET: =IZUMIYA= | Bracelet/Brown&Gray | Free! |
BELT: Echo. | Cantabile Belt Avg. Grey (part of a gatcha skirt) |
SHOES: Kemet Designs | Hellboot - Black | 
LEGGINGS: Blah. | My Zebra Comfy Leggings | Free!
TOP: {nestle my bosom} | Grey Wolf V-neck Dress | 
SKIRT [MESH]: (Milk Motion) | Transparent Long Skirt - Black | 
CARDIGAN [MESH]: ::Mr Poet:: | Bat Sleeve Knit Coat - Blue | Free! |
Poses:-no wow-  | C'est La Vie set for The Couturier's Docks |
Location: The Wastelands |


I consider myself pretty femmy, and despite what our society sometimes says, I think strength and toughness can be feminine.  This Milk Motion skirt, for example, is sheer and flowey, with a strong suggestion of femininity, and yet I keep pairing it up with looks that also suggest toughness--ergo, femininity is tough.  It's women who endure childbirth, after all.  For the record, I think this skirt is awesome and you will probably see it recycled in some upcoming looks.  Your legs will show when you walk in it, but it just makes it look as if the skirt has a slit and really isn't a problem for me.  I also love this Mr. Poet cardigan and can't believe it's free--and in three colors, too!  The addition of Kemet Design's Hellboots make me feel pretty unstoppable, so of course I had to go tromp around the Wastes and face-off with some raiders and radscorpions.  Nah... not really.  It is a RP area, but visitors can walk around, no problem.  Makes me want to warm up the XBox and play Fallout again!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Look 10: Same Old Scene

Look 10:

SKIN: *MY UGLYDOROTHY | - Alexis03 - Freckles (Salmon) |
EYES: The Stringer Mausoleum | Serial Pierce Eyes - Fresh | Flawless Spring Hunt Item |
HAIR: D!va | Hair "Mana" (Type A - Platinum) | 15000 Member Group Gift | 
EYESHADOW: La Malvada Mujer  | Kiki #2 (eyes only) |
LIPSTICK: [mock] | Nude Gaga (MAC Inspired Lipstick) | Free Tester! |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth | 
NAILS: PIDIDDLE | Manicure - Group Only Set | Group Gift | 
BRACELET [MESH]: | Mesh Bracelet - Pipa | Dollarbie! |
COLLAR: [Glow] Studio | Gold Collar | Group Gift |
TIGHTS: Izzie's | Gradient Tights - Yellow |
SHOES: The Dressing Room | 2 Years Pumps Gift - Plum |
INNER TOP: *Vershe* | BellyFlasher: Botanical | 
OUTER TOP [MESH]: Ladies Who Lunch | Muertos Layering Vest - Purple | Culture Shock 2012 | 
SKIRT [MESH] Maitreya| Anais Skirt Birds - Cerulean |
POSES: -no wow-
LOCATION: ::breath::


I was wearing this outfit last night at a sim where I tend to socialize a little, and a guy I'd never spoken to before came up to me to offer an interesting fashion critique.  "Look at you, trying to rock that vintage thing," he said.  "Yes," I replied, even though I don't think this look is particularly vintage, nor was I trying.  "Why the granny hair, though?  And the witch makeup?" he asked.  "I like it," was my curt reply.  And so I do.  Really, though, people who are still wearing outfits from SL circa 2007 really shouldn't throw pixel shade, am I right? ;)  Annnnyway, I'm sort of fond of this thing where I mix something really structured and classy, like the Maitreya skirt, with something a little wild and edgy, like the LWL vest.  Both items are really, really well made.  The shading on the Maitreya skirt is so impressive, in particular.  It's always a let down to buy a piece of clothing that basically has no textures and looks like it's been flood-filled in paintshop pro.  You'll never, ever get that with Maitreya, though.  A little note about the location: Breath is a men's shop, and I was lurking around their lucky board when I ventured upstairs and found this little paparazzi prop (see pic 1).  How much fun is that?  I couldn't resist using it for at least one photo!  Thanks, Breath.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Look 9: Asleep at the Party

Look 9:

SKIN: *MY UGLYDOROTHY | Alexis Base - Freckles (Salmon) |
EYES [MESH]: Umeboshi | Yolo Eyes - Laugh | Yolo Hunt Prize |
HAIR: [BURLEY] | Bella - Red04 |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth |
NAILS: Mother Goose's | Nails - Black | Group Gift | 
SCARF: +9 | Kushu Stole - Green Check | Free! |
COFFEE MUG: Sweet Leonard | Coffee Mug -Strawberry | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) |
TIGHTS: XBordeauX @ -no wow- | Hungry Hearts Stockings (Sheer) | Free! |
SOCKS: Bonne Chance | Cookie Socks - Ivory (gatcha) |
BOOTS [MESH]: S@BBiA | Short Boots - Black | LB item |
SWEATER: Emery | Reno Sweater #05 | Group Gift |
OUTER TOP [MESH]: Ricielli | Minitop Sequined - Gold | Easter Hunt Item |
SHORTS: The Secret Store | Highwaisted Shorts - Bottle Green |
POSES: Tram | Group Gift |
LOCATION: Wretched Hollow |


This is another "odds 'n ends" outfit, in which I dusted off some things in my inventory that I hadn't used yet - specifically, some freebies and hunt items.  I wanted to create an outfit using the cute green shorts I purchased at The Secret Store, but I had the darndest time finding something to go with them.  So I basically just tried on every top in my inventory until I hit on this combination.  I hadn't though of using the mesh minitop as a vest but I think it works well as one.  I have a huge thing for layering, whether its with a vest, a jacket, or a bolero, so anytime I can layer two things together in an unexpected way, I'm happy.  The short hair from Burley gave the outfit a boyish look that I happen to like.  I feel like a spunky girl adventurer from classic literature, so of course I had to set the photoshoot in the Alice-in-Wonderland-gone-goth sim Wretched Hollow.  This is a cool area with some interesting shops.  Definitely worth a look!   

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Look 8: Pearl's Dream

Look 8:

SKIN: *MY UGLYDOROTHY | - Alexis03 - Freckles (Salmon) |
EYES: .ID. | Gem Eyes in Sunset | April Group Gift | 
HAIR [MESH]: .: vive nine:. | Dream Catcher - Natural Blonde (Rooted) | May C88 | 
LIPSTICK: [mock] | Lucir Lip Color Venom | Free! |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth | 
HEADBAND: RaMa RoWanberry | Totato - White | 
BELT: (TokiD) | Flower Belt - Rose V1 |
NECKLACE | *League* | Long Daydream Necklace - Moving Sky | May C88 |
LEGGINGS: Bonne Chance | Bonbon Patch Leggings - Yellow | 
SHOES [MESH]: (fd) | Bowie Heels - Pale Pink |
SHRUG: Willow~ | Bella Shrug - Gray | 
DRESS [MESH]: .: vive nine:. | Zarie Skater Dress - Blue | April C88 | 
POSES: Marukin | "Flight" | May C88


This is my second post featuring some items from the May C88, and it won't be the last, because I went nuts at that event.  I may only be 36 SL days old, but I quickly zeroed in on all the best SL fashion events, and C88 is definitely at the top of my list.  I love the thematic element of the event, and I love how much time and effort the creators put into releasing really amazing products.  Like this necklace from League?  Amazing.  And I'd never even heard of League before, either, so now I've learned about another great SL creator.  This mesh hair from Vive Nine is really smooth and pretty, too - even if it does make me look a little like Lindsay Lohan.  For the record, this hair also looks good on men!  Yep, I tried it out on my boy avi, and it was very appealing.  ;)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Look 7: I bought some sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet sunflowers

Look 7:

SKIN: JeSyLiLo | Losy - Light skin (shiny) |
EYES [MESH]: Umeboshi | Yolo Eyes - Laugh | Yolo Hunt Prize |
HAIR: booN | WM0003 - Gold |
LASHES: Cheap Makeup | Babysitter's Club Lashes |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth |
HEADBAND: =FT | Bow Knot Headband - Pink/Yellow | 1L |
STOCKINGS: Le Poppycock | Blossom Stockings - Almond |
BROOCH: Duh! | Sunflower Brooch |
SHOES: Duh! | Tweet Hushpuppies V2 |
DAFFODIL PROP (w/pose): Lolapop! | Little Piece of Sunshine | Kawaii Fair 2012 gift |
EARRINGS: [NORTH WEST] | Chunky Hearts - Small (color changeable) |
INNER TOP: JANE | Needful Things Romper - Rose | Free! |
OUTER TOP: Kyoot | Soft Heart Cropped Top - Pink | May C88 |
SHORTS [MESH]: *G Field* | Frill Shorts - Yellow | Culture Shock 2012 |

(I can't remember whose poses I used for this - if you think you recognize them, drop a comment and I'll add the info.  Thanks! )


So when you're dealing with a face-full of cute, as is the case with these fluffy yellow shorts, all you can do is go in full-throttle.  No use trying to make these sophisticated, it's all just frilly, girly, and fun (minus the subdued, unisex shoes).  The hairstyle is also frilly, girly, and fun.  I don't know why, but it seems like all the hair I like in SL is either rather subdued, like hair you would find in real life, or totally over-the-top ridiculous, like elaborate cake decorations.  Also, I hope no one's sick of looking at these teeth by La Malvada Mujer, because I love them and never take them off.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Look 6: I was promised my Sun

Look 6:

SKIN: JeSyLiLo | Losy - Light Skin (shiny) |
EYES [MESH]: Umeboshi | Yolo Eyes - Live | Yolo Hunt Prize |
HAIR: !lamb | Mono - Honeycomb Ombre |
LASHES: Cheap Makeup | Babysitters' Club Lashes |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth |
BANGLES: Fishy Strawberry | Bangles - Brown Wood | free! |
NECKLACE: (yummy) | Feather Necklace |
HEADBAND: Kab Deco | Headband Feathers |
SOCKS: Izzie's  | Garter Socks - Petrol | 
SHOES: Duh! | Women's Emerald Moccasin | 
PANTS [MESH]: S@BBiA | Cargo Pants Beige | LB item |
TOP [MESH]: Bonne Chance | Jojo Lovely Mesh Top - Red |

POSES: Tram | free set for group members |


I don't know about everyone else, but as much as I adore picking up freebies and sale items, sometimes I'm left unsure of how to actually transform them into an outfit.  That's what happened with these cargo pants.  I was in S@BBiA when my letter came up on the lucky board.  Yay, excitement!  Except I'm not really a cargo pants type of person.  Despite this, I thought they were really cute and resolved that I would find a way to use them.  With the mocassins and flowy top I think it works well as an artsy, outdoorsy, hippie-ish ensemble.  Off to Tableau for a burro-ride, then!  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Look 5: In the tear garden

Hi!  I've been taking lots of pictures, and I've decided that they will be bigger from now on.  If I save them as jpg, I can get away with this and the pics will be bigger and prettier.   Yay.

Look 5:

HAIR: Alice Project | Rayna - Megapack |
SKIN: Mother Goose's | LENE1teeth - | LB item |
EYES [MESH]: Umeboshi | Yolo Eyes - Laugh | Yolo Hunt item |
MAKEUP: La Malvada Mujer | Twiggy - Lashes and Freckles | 
HAT: Nodoka | Oriental Red N | Gatcha item |
TATTOO: Rama Rowanberry | Little Bird |
BAG: !1mm | Choco Bag 2012 | Group Gift | 
BOOTS [MESH]: S@BBiA | Short Boots - Black | LB item |
TOP: Willow | Black Bow Blouse | SOM Gift |
DRESS [MESH]:  [MONS] | Summer Love Collection - Vintage Long Floral Dress | old TDR Blue |
POSES: {u.f.o}: } Listen to My Heartbeat set | free! |


I've been trying to figure out what to do with this dress since I bought it a few weeks ago.  It's a lovely item, but I made the mistake of buying it without trying on a demo (dang impulse shopping!), and it really doesn't fit my avi well - not even my "curvier" shaped one.  Basically, it shows nip. ;)  So what's a girl to do?  Why, layer something under that sucker!  I tried a bajillion tank tops but none of them satisfied me.  It wasn't till I slipped on this older freebie from Willow that I realized I might be on to something.  There's something very anime about the whole look - except, of course, that the skirt is far too long for your typical anime or manga.  Nonetheless, I think it's pretty cute, with a nice, early summer feel.  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Look 4: I was always looking for lady

Look 4:

HAIR: ::Vive Nine:: | - Head Games - Ash Blonde (rooted) - April C88 |
SKIN: MYUGLYDOROTHY | April Group Gift |
EYES: The Stringer Mausoleum | Serial Pierce Eyes - Fresh | Flawless Spring Hunt Item (but soon to be released in the inworld store) |
LIPSTICK: [mock] | Micare Lipglimmes - Hypoxia | free! |
EYESHADOW: [mock]  | Back to Basics - Pohutukawa | free! |
BANGLES: The Sea Hole | Parisian Bangles - Pearl (part of set) | April C88 |
HEADDRESS: .:Y&R:. | Feathers in Flowers | 
CLUTCH: Aleida | Greta Fashion Clutch | free! |
TIGHTS: {nestle my bosom} | Peacock Tights - Sheer | on sale! |
SHOES: PRISS | Bow-side Pumps - Obsidian | on sale! |
TOP: PRISS | (part of) Ish Bow-tie dress - Red | on sale! |
SKIRT [MESH]:  Color.Me.H.O.F. | Silk Skirt - Cadet Blue | Culture Shock 2012 |
POSES: {u.f.o.} - "Pepe" set | free! |


This outfit has the look of someone who's trying just a smidge to hard to look fancy-pants, don't you think?  I want desperately to look like an exotic, charming lady, and who can blame me when I'm wearing such a well-made, charming skirt from House of Fox?  As soon as I laid eyes on this baby I knew I had to have it.  It fits and flows very well; it almost has the look of a bubble skirt, but in a very subtle way. The feather motif on the tights and the hair ornament are just for fun, and here's hoping that they keep the look from being too stiff and serious.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Look 3: Military Fashion Show

Look 3

HAIR: Clawtooth | Mademoiselle - Red Eye Flight | April C88 |
SKIN: Illusory | Love_Milk - Frenchie | April C88 |
EYES: The Stringer Mausoleum | Serial Pierce Eyes - Fresh | Flawless Spring Hunt Item (but soon to be released in stores, according to Helena Stringer |
GLOVES: *WR* (marketplace) | Meshed-Up Top & Gloves - Red | Free! |
SOCKS: Izzie's | Garter Socks - Dark Grey |
SHOES: S@BBiA | Knit Pumps - Black | 
TOP: Jane @ Home | Intrinsic Tank - Bk Raven | Free! |
JACKET: Whippet & Buck | Sgt. Pepper Cropped Jacket - Valentino | Group Gift | 
SKIRT [MESH]: JustB | A-line Skirt - Red (part of set) | Culture Shock 2012
POSES: .:Y&R:. | "Everybody Hates Waiting" pose set | Free! |


I put this look together around the skirt (which comes with a lovely off-the-shoulder top, by the way).  Once I added the hair, shoes, tank, and jacket, I thought I would be done, but alas, something was missing...  After adding the socks and gloves, I think this look can best be summed up as "rebel fascist."  I have the look of someone who has to wear an uniform like the "Young Pioneers" of North Korea, but has asserted her own brand of flair through subversive accessorizing.  I can just imagine being pulled aside by some suspicious party member, and defending my case by saying "But Comrade, I only accessorize to honor our Precious Leader!"  Works every time. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Look 1 & 2: Tokyo Bones

For my first fashion post, I decided to show off some of the new mesh items I've been collecting.  I love mesh so far, but it seems like stuff is being released very quickly and I'm almost hesitant to buy too much of it, knowing that there's always going to be something new and different around the corner.  It's all pretty exciting, to say the least.

I think my overall style and approach to these look posts will be to show some newer items off alongside whatever random bits I have in my inventory that make the whole outfit come together.  I'm not really one for wearing all head-to-toe new stuff at once, because then it seems as if you risk looking like everyone else.  Can't have that, eh?

This photoshoot centers around some mesh shorts and a bone motif.  There's also a dubious Chinatown-like location.  Hence the title: "Tokyo Bones." (Yes, I know Tokyo is not in China.)

Look 1

HAIR:  Lamb | Unbirthday Redux - Otterpop | Free! |
SKIN: JeSyLiLO | Spring Group Gift Skin |
EYES: Insufferable Dastard | Thank You Gift | 
NECKLACE | *Cute Bytes* | Koky Necklace | Kawaii Fair 2012
BRACELET: Fishy Strawberry | Wooden Bangles | Free! |
BELT: Chandelle | Colorblock Hunt Item | 
TIGHTS: Vershe | Random Tights - Vines | Subscriber Gift | 
FUR JACKET: Blue Film | Fur Short Jacket - Mink | Group Gift | 
TOP: Jack Spoon | Lovely Bones Sweater | 
SHORTS [MESH]: Bonne Chance | Ril Yellow Shorts |
SHOES: [ M ]agnifico Exclusive | Woo-den Heel - Brown | 

Look 2

HAIR:  Lamb | Unbirthday Redux - Chewed Bubblegum | Free! |
SKIN: JeSyLiLO | Spring Group Gift Skin | 
EYES: Insufferable Dastard | Thank You Gift | 
NECKLACE: ?? | Malibu Necklace - Gatcha |
BAG: Tee*fy | My Ugly Scary Cat Bag | Group Gift | 
RING: HollyWeird | Balloon Ring | Kawaii Fair 2012 | 
GLASSES: Vershe | Rimmed Glasses - Pink |
LEGGINGS: {K}Rea | Bone Leggings | 1L | 
TOP [MESH]: Ricielli | Catprint Sweater - White | Easter Hunt Item |
SHORTS [MESH]: FuchOn | Spirit Shorts - Blue |
BOOTS [MESH]: S@BBiA | Short Booty - Black | LB Prize | 

Poses: -no wow-