Thursday, August 31, 2017

Look 155

My Look

SKIN: {SP!} | Calpaca! Pale Rare |
EYES: + Aii ~ the ugly and the beautiful + | nightfall eyes |
HAIR: Tableau Vivant | thea (roots) - colors |
LASHES: [okkbye]  | lithe lashes - hud  |
PIERCINGS: Pixel Geek | starlight piercings - hud |
EARS: Mandala | Steking Ears |
MAKEUP: + Aii ~ the ugly and the beautiful + | yokai mega makeup pack |
WINGS + HORNS + PITCHFORK: + Aii ~ the ugly and the beautiful + | dark-hearted devil set + {egosumaii} |
CLAWS: CUREMORE | selenopolis - mashchinemensch claws (rare) |
HANDCUFFS + NECKLACE: ::axix:: | tainted love cuffs | @Kinky |
WAIST CHAIN: ::axix:: | lily chains |
PANTSU: V-Tech | bulgy panties - maitreya |
SOCKS: [VALE KOER] | garter socks - blackwhite |
POSE: serendipity | little fairy 1 |

BACKDROP + POLES: soy | neon night apartment (rare) and shitamachi alley garden (poles) |
RAVENS: +half-deer+ | raven - black glitter |

Most of my looks fall into two categories: kawaii/cute, or witchy/yokai/fantasy, and this look definitely falls into the latter category. My fantasy looks would be nearly impossible without the creations of Aii ~ the ugly and the beautiful, and this look is no exception. Everything they make is perfect for a stunning, one-of-a-kind-look, or for roleplay purposes. At the main store right now you can get these Nightfall eyes for free as a 4K flickr followers gift, and the set is HUGE. I'm wearing the glowy, demonic version of the eyes, but there are non-glow options as well. The horns, pitchfork, and bento wings are also from Aii, and I thought they were a perfect compliment to this fun new handcuff necklace set by ::axix::, available at the latest round of the Kinky event. The fatpack version allows complete customization, and the detailing on it is really impressive!

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