Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Look 171

My Look

SKIN: {SP!} | Calpaca! Pale Rare |
EYES: NamiiChu~ | zombae kitty eyes - fatpack | *soon* @Nightmare Event! |
HAIR: TRUTH hair | delaney - black and whites |
LASHES: [okkbye]  | lithe lashes - hud  |
EYEBROWS: [okkbye] | adumbrate brows - hud |
LIPGLOSS: smile | YERI lip glass |
TEARS: CURELESS [+] | collyrium tears - hud |
STOCKINGS: {{konpeitou}} | rose moon - 10 tabi rose garden |
HAIRBOW: [cubic cherry] | {mui} ribbon - hud | @KawaiiProject |
DRESS: mignon. | mimi - black | @lootbox |
HAND MIRROR: Kokoro{<3}Peaches | Nightmare hand mirror | *soon* @Nightmare Event! |
FLOATING TEA SET: Dead Dollz | go ask alice - spinning tea set | @lootbox |
POSE: NamiiChu~ | zombae bento poses - fatpack | *soon* @Nightmare Event! |

BACKGROUND by mysticmorning @ deviantart

I've been doing a lot of greenscreening for my blog pics lately, which has been a fun way to practice my photoshop skills. It also allows me to achieve more eerie effects than can typically be created in world. Even so, the realism of NamiiChu's new 'zombae' poses help a lot, perfect for running away from ghosts, or -being- the ghost. Since this pic isn't a close up you can't get a v ery good look at her zombae kitty eyes, but they are the perfect combo of cute and creepy. And on the subject of cute and creepy, Kokoro Peach's hand mirror for the Nightmare even comes in a 'cute' version that doesn't have a hand popping out of it, if that's your preference. ^^

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