Saturday, May 19, 2018

Look 255

(click for hi-rez)


SKIN: HIME*DREAM | hana - milk |
EYES: {S0NG | kels- fatpack hud |
HAIR: taketomi | marina - bento | @kustom9 |
FACE BEADS: cubic cherry | beads face wrap  -hud | @whimsical  |
ARM RIBBONS: [NANI] | sleepy sheepy - ribbon arm RARE |
RIBBON CHOKER: kokoro{<3}peachu  | #15 ribboned choker | @fantasy gacha carnival |
LEG GARTER: kokoro{<3}peachu | #21 ribboned garter | @fantasy gacha carnival |
GETAS: kokoro{<3}peachu | RARE B ribboned paw getas | @fantasy gacha carnival |
BODYSUIT: kokoro{<3}peachu | RARE A ribboned bodysuit A (ST) | @fantasy gacha carnival |


POOL: {moss&mink} | summer of 69 - pool RARE |
FLOATIE: sweet thing | pink kitty floatie |
CONFETTI: +half-deer+ | pastel confetti - medium |
BEACH BALL: {moss&mink} | summer of 69 - beach ball |
MERKITTIES: +half-deer+ | merkitties - lilac + aqua |

The fantasy gacha carnival is going on right now - I'm a bit late getting out there since I've been on vacation! But now that I'm back I'm ready to show off this gacha set by Kokoro<3Peachu. Technically it's a bodysuit, not a swim suit, but there's nothing stopping you from taking a dip in the pool while wearing it! The rare version comes with a sheer and non-sheer option, and the colors can be changed via the hud. Single color commons are also available, along with common ribboned garters and ribboned chokers. Rigged for Maitreya only! <3

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