Saturday, October 6, 2012

Look 50: Collabor88, Playing Dress Up for 365 Days a Year


When I first joined SL in April, I was rather desperate to find out where the "good stuff" was, as far as clothing and accessories go.  One of the first places I was directed to was Collabor88, which, as everyone knows, not only features incredbily well-made (and reasonably priced!) products by respected creators, but also has a different theme every month.  Anticipating that monthly theme and how each creator interprets it has become something I very much look forward to, probably more than any other monthly event in SL.  The next upcoming theme, "Pink Flamingos," will debut in just a few days, and I can't wait! I've always been a massive John Waters fan, not to mention in awe of the amazingness that is Divine (RIP!). 

Now that I have my own land in SL (I'll be giving a tour of my new house soon!), I can also look forward to buying not just the clothes and accessories at Collabor88, but the funiture and decor, too. Even though it only comes around once a month, Collabor88 easily offers enough fun and variety to provide any heavy-spending SL gal with 365 days of dress up.  I've put this blog post together for the blogger contest that they're running - it's sure to be highly competitive, but why not?  Even though I don't expect to win, I've enjoyed Collabor88 enough to dedicate a whole post to it, and then some!

My Collabor88 Look:
SKIN: Mariko | Skyee |
HAIR: Clawtooth | Wildflower - Strawberry Cream | July C88 |
EYES: Anara | Anara Mesh Custom Eyes |
NECKLACE: LaGyo | Hampton's Necklace | July C88 |
BOW: LaGyo | A Girl's Bow | Sept C88 |
RING: LaGyo | Mother's Pearl Ring | Sept C88|
LIP/BLUSH/EYE MAKEUP: Fashionably Dead | Pastel Peepers | July C88 |
TEETH: Fashionably Dead | Bardot Teeth | June C88 |
GLASSES: Ison | Quinton Glasses |
TIGHTS: Lark | Shredded Tights |
SHOES: Mijn Boutique | Strange Platform Shoes |
SWEATER: u.f.o | | Ribbonbon Cardigan - Gray | Sept C88 |
DRESS: u.f.o. | You And Me Dress - Sky Blue Bird Collar | Sept C88 |
MASK/POSE: Bang! | August C88 |

My Room:
Wardrobe: Vespertine | Gatcha Arcade |
Mannequin: What Next |
Mannequin Skirt: Fashionable Dead | Willow Skirt - Green | August C88 |
Outfit on Floor: Tres Blah | Camille Outfit Blue | April C88 |
Shoes Bottom: R2 | Nohea White | April C88 |
Shoes Top: Schadenfreude | Cygnette Heels | August C88 |
Tote Bottom: Auxilary | Tiny Tote - Ink | Sept C88 |
Clutch Top: My Drawing Clutch Bag - Greeny | August C88 |
Hanging Necklace: LaGyo | Cherub Necklace | August C88 |
Sunglasses 1: Yummy | Anouk Glasses - Tortoise | Apirl C88 |
Sunglasses 2: Pididdle | Fleur Sunshades - Gossip | August C88 |  
Floor Cushion: Glitterati | August C88 |

If you want to know where to find any of the shops liste above, leave a comment and I'll be most happy to direct you.  The most important thing to know is that I got the majority of this stuff at Collabor88, and here's your taxi!

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