Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Look 115

Our Look

SKIN: CURELESS [+] | morphine |
EYES:  {SP!} | powder eyes - hud |
TATTOOS: la baguette | kanza full body tattoo |
EARS: Mandala | Steking Ears |
VINES: Caverna Obscura | Eden leg and arm vines (hud) |
WINGS: ::: B@R ::: | Fairy B-Wings |
HAIR (mine): Burley | Gabriel - Dips |

UNICORNS, GOLDFISH by +half-deer+ 
SAKURA POND by Landscaping by Felix 

So I built a hidden unicorn forest on the island I live on, and it was pretty much a given that we would want to put together outfits for the sole purpose of hanging out in the unicorn forest. ^^ Except for the hair by Burley that I am wearing, nothing in this pic is especially new, but it's all great stuff .. .. Sometimes, when you want to dress up as a fairy and nothing but a fairy, you have to dig deep into your inventory. The wings are bento, by the way, and quite a steal at less than 200L! (I find that most wings tend to be in the range of 500). These ones are like subtle gossamer and come with a great AO, too.

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