Friday, July 28, 2017

Look 137

My Look

SKIN: more more. | yume skin - 11 |
EYES: {S0NG} | hyun- pink eye |
HAIR: ^.^Ayashi^.^ | grein hair - fatpack | @SaNaRae |
LASHES: [okkbye]  | lithe lashes - hud  |
PIERCINGS: Pixel Geek | starlight piercings - hud |
EYELINER AND BLUSH AND LIPS: Wednesday [+] | Korean Me Up | @project7 |
BUNNY EARS: {aii} | bunbun ears and tail - hud |
OUTFIT: hazy  | my heart look - rare A | @SaNaRae |
POSE: [sugar~*] peace out bento poses |

My Room

SODA MACHINE: *ionic* | motel gacha |
LAUNDRY MACHINE + LAUNDRY CART + BENCH: (Milk Motion) | The Launderette gacha | @Epiphany |
SIGN: Soy + Toro | Neon sign - ring house |
SWEATER CLUTTER: +half-deer+ | favorite sweater clutter - pastel set | @C88 |
BIKINI CLUTTER: +half-deer+ | carefree bikini clutter - pink set |

The latest round of SaNaRae is now open, and with it comes a bunch of super cute creations from the many of the usual suspects. For ^.^Ayashi^.^, Ikira has created two darling kawaii hairs; I'm wearing 'Grein,' and though it's hard to tell from this far away, the ponytail ties are little cats with emoji faces you can change ^^ (color is changeable, too!) The outfit from Hazy is gacha, but I was lucky enough to get the pink rare on my third or fourth spin. The commons for this gacha are just about as cute as the rares, though!

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