Sunday, January 13, 2013

HOF Blogger Search : jarhly : paper girlie (version 2)

Featured Items by House of Fox:
HAT: Toy Box Hat  |
BELT: (part of) Lola Shorts |
SLEEVES: (part of) Imon Jacket |
TOP: Vintage Sheer Top |
PANTS: Leather Leggings [mesh] |

Everything Else:
HAIR: D!va |
BOOTS: Deco |
KATANA: Marketplace |
EYEPATCH: Marketplace |

This is version 2 of my House of Fox look; it's the same outfit, but I took the picture in-world instead of doing a digital manipulation.  Also, after over 6 mons in SL, I just now realized that my computer is capable of doing MUCH better graphics than I ever knew, including shadow effects.  Well, this is certainly going to change the way I blog from now on!  Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited! 

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