Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look 16: After Every Party I Die

Look 16:

SKIN: *My UGLYDOROTHY - Serah Base (Burly) |
EYES: IKON | Sunrise Eyes - Summer (M) | Group Gift |
HAIR [MESH]: Fashionably Dead | Daydream Hair - Blonde 7 | May C88 |
EYELINER: La Malvada Mujer | Lou Lou a L'ecole |
LIPSTICK: PIDIDDLE | Hyperlip - Hot Pants | Group Gift |
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's Teeth |
TATTOO: The Sea Hole | Deco Cap Sleeve Lotus Tattoo 1 |
GLOVES: [Glow] Studio | Gloves Duo Tone - Gold Cekins/Black |
HEADBAND: {u.f.o.} | Goodbye Baby - A-6 | Gatcha |
NECKLACE 1: MIAO | Vinnie Italian Horn Necklace |
NECKLACE 2: FZaPP | Necklace Roma Black | Group Gift |
STOCKINGS: Doppelganger inc. | Knocked Up Knee Socks - Black | 
SHOES: Fashionably Dead | Bowie Heels - Polkadot 2 |
INNER TOP: JANE | Intrinsic Tank - Charcoal | Free! |
OUTER TOP [MESH]: [Chloe] | Vest Lace Style 2 - Yellow | 
SKIRT[MESH]: So Many Styles | High Waist Skirt Sequin Gold | 
POSES: Lumiere | Pin-up Pose Set |
LOCATION: Kowloon |


This is the kind of outfit you wear when you want to go out with your friends and be crazy.  And you end up at a party where you mix spicy vodka with cranberry juice by accident, but you drink it anyway because hey, it's a party!  And then you drink too much and you end up knocking the hostesses coat rack over.  And then you walk home with your friends and you run across the ice in your ridiculous platform shoes and boom! you fall over.  And you've sprained your ankle and you're crying and you can't move and your friends are really, really annoyed with you.  And you end up passing out on your friend's couch, and in the middle of the night you have to crawl to the bathroom to puke because your ankle is killing you.  And your friend's bathroom floor is disgusting and oh god why are boy's so hairy?  And then you are sick and sick and sick.... but at least you know you looked cute. This is that kind of outfit. 

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