Friday, June 15, 2012

Look 30: Flowers of Carnage

Look 30:

SKIN: Mother Goose's | Sarang | Bombi Spring Rain Dollarbie | 
HAIR: AY.LinE | Re-Nobara (Mousse") | 
EYES: IKON | Sunrise Eyes - Summer | Old Group Gift | 
LASHES: Cheap Makeup | Tableau Lashes | Free! | 
RING: Finesmith | Massive Gems Ring | Summer Hunt Item (over) | 
BRACELET: Sweet Leonard | Luna Bangles | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) | 
HEADBANDS: Nylon Outfitters | Yellow Rose and Pink Rose | 
SOCKS: Maitreya | Moxie Over-Knee Socks - Cerulean | 
SHOES: Tee*fy | Color Blocking Wedges | TDR Item | 
VEST: SoManyStyles | Feathers Vest Neon 2 | 
TOP: PiCHi | Skull Shirt - Pale | 
SKIRT: Glam Affair | Lola Skirt - Champagne | 
POSES: Long Awkward Pose

SKYBOX: Kosh | Tender Sugar Sky Box | 
SOFA: LISP | Boho Sofa - Texture Change | 10L in Discount Garden | 
CANDLE: Abiss Interior | Black Candle | SOM gift | 
RUG: Zigana | Rug Yastik |


As you can see, I felt like putting together something a little theatrical; the end result reminds me a tiny bit of kabuki theater.  Goth kabuki?  I dunno.. I'm doing a lot of goth-mashups lately, as you'll see in some future looks.  It's interesting, though, because the more fashion blogs I look at, the more I see that in most cases (but not all), people all have their own distinct style, and they tend to be pretty consistent about putting together looks that reflect that style  Some people long long nails and tattoos and have them in every look; some people prefer to blog only casual clothes (the sort of thing someone might wear in real life); and then there's of course those who do total high couture.  I'm not really sure where I fit in along the spectrum.  All I know is that I like trying new things, so you're probably not going to get much consistency from me.  ;)

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