Thursday, June 21, 2012

Look 35: Keep It Clean

Look 35:
SKIN: Mother Goose's | Cookie - SGB  |  Gift at SGB Summer Festa
HAIR [MESH]: Wasabi Pills | Alice Mesh Hair - Chocolate Mint |  Recent FLF Special | 
EYES: Insufferable Dastard | Gem Eyes in Sunset | Past Gift | 
LIPS: Pididdle | Hypergloss - Flossy Teeth | Gift at NYC Store Opening | 
NECK TATTOO: Duboo | Cloud's Tear Tattoo | 
BRACELET: Sweet Temptations | Xiena Bracelet (part of set) | Gift at Summer Fashion Festival |
NECKLACE: [Glow] Studio | Plume Collar Gold - Color Change | Past TDRB |
RING: LaGyo | BonBon Ring - Color Change | Current TDR
SUNGLASSES: Steinwerk | Heart II Glasses - Color Change | Free on Marketplace! |
SOCKS: Doppleganger Inc |  Button Me Up Socks - Frozen Pond Set - Off-white | 
SHOES [MESH]: Toki-Doki | Surmire Flats - Nature  |
CARDIGAN [MESH]: Toki-Doki | Summer Nights | 
DRESS [MESH] and BIKINI: Bonne Chance | Song of the Sea - Blue | Available at Korea Cafe B4 Horror Event |
POSES: Label Motion

BATH, SHEETS, AND BATH ACCESSORIES: Boathouse | "Glamping" Set | Available at Home & Garden Designer Warehouse
BIG PLANTS:  Funky Junk | SOM Gift | 
LITTLE PLANTS: {ililo} | Seedling | 


"Glamping," aka glamorous camping, isn't something I've tried before, but it's probably the only kind of camping I could put up with.  I went to a hard-core rough and tough camp as a kid (no plumbing whatsoever!) and it scarred me for life, I'm afraid.  This cute outdoor bath set is a Boathouse creation that is brand new at the Home & Garden Designer Warehouse.  It includes privacy sheets, towels, mirror, bathing products, a lamp, and some other bits and bobs.  It also has lots of poses for both singles and couples, and rezzable props, like a book, a wine glass, etc.  Since my SL house doesn't actually have a bathroom, I figured that I could put one up on the rooftop patio.  Every pixel girl needs a place to cool off on a hot day, right?  I also wanted to mention that these sunglasses are an amazing Marketplace deal - completely free and they're color change, too!  I know I'm not the only one who picked up this Wasabi Pills hair last Friday - isn't it cute?  Aside from the style being adorbs, I think the colors and textures are extremely well done.  WP is fast becoming one of my favorite places to shop for hair.  As for the new Fifty Linden Fridays - I wasn't a part of SL the last time this event went on, but I'm certainly not complaining about it's return!  Fridays have become my big day to blow lindens in SL, haha.  

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